1. I would be a really nice cosmetic touch, if those overlays changed with the equipped helmet. The hardcore amogus could ever wear no helmet for no HUD.

  2. Me, the second after viewing this image:

  3. "A bottomless supply of needles and a trembling enthusiasm to plunge them into exposed flesh" -Medic bio

  4. That last guys just has to fix the dish for the bar TV. He just takes a deep breath and handles it, what a lad.

  5. I have a simole thought process: I am a greedy dwarf. There is loot in the bug, so I loot the bug.

  6. WE ARE ALL CLONES!!! Ever die on a mission and wonder how you just teleport back on the rig? Because you actually did die! You are being cloned via those weird bed things on the space rig! This is also why all 4 dwarves have the same looks and voice! It is simply genius of Deep Rock Galactic to use clones to mine. And you know Karl? He actually is the base model of all the dwarves! We are clones of Karl! We must rise up against Deep Rock Galactic! We must- *gunshot

  7. Calm down brother, you've had too much to think.

  8. Never! We must rebel against DRG! We must break free from the system! We must know the truth!

  9. You need to can it before that tallish looking dwarf comes around here again! You know what that means!

  10. She's the with from Caster's Quarterly!

  11. I have the last one that he made but he may be able to help you if you join his discord

  12. I don't want to be mean, but that's probably a you problem. Unless you can demonstrate that it was done without your consent, and even ten that would still be at Planet's discretion. Don't expect it back.

  13. My flying style is unyielding aggression in all things. Even my retreats are aggressive.

  14. Odd question, do you know of any good outfits for NC? I feel like on Emerald there's scores of VS elite squad that hold points against impossible odds.

  15. NFFN and NCCR are annoying with their numbers. NFFN is more coordinated, but still numbers.

  16. I feel like every time I go "wow, what an easy cap, lemme park a bus and get this bread", there's a BWAE or SKL Valk/Galaxy screaming over my head shitting out Bettlejuice heavies onto the point. Don't expect the average blueberry to be able to kill them 10 to 1 either.

  17. They can hover. They do not have hover mode. ESFs have a little H that appears on the hud when in it. The entire physics of the aircraft changes.

  18. Maybe as a fun Medikit skin, I could see that.

  19. Thank you! Maybe I should begin recruiting artists to restart my reign of terror...

  20. I have some ideas... I simply needs craftsmen. Blacksmiths. Makers of the fine arts. Any volunteers?

  21. Red sugar! I'm definitely Not highly addicted or anything, I CERTAINLY don't have 440 kilograms of it stashed in the top of the launch bay, why do you ask?

  22. I really liked the short, the music did a lot of heavy lifting. Subscribed!

  23. I have a hangar entirely composed of support robots almost 2 years ago. The Scorpion/Sound guns really but into adoption of them, and so did the introduction of Grey damage.

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