1. I mean the hype is there IF you get the god goku. If you didn’t then well ¯_(ツ)_/¯. I did get the goku and even then there’s still no much to do anyways. There’s just not a lot going on at the moment.

  2. I'd say replace namku and str goku and Vegeta that transform into vegito and replace them with the 5 year lr if you have them eza

  3. Everyone saying that it’s not that difficult anymore with the new units. That’s true but considering it’s one of the hardest stages in the game there is nothing wrong with that. I still haven’t even beaten broly so gj OP 👍

  4. I'm pretty sure you get a statue or something but you need to live in Japan

  5. My hyped ass thought it was a gaurenteed Lr for some reason 😭.

  6. Don’t forget the cursed energy/domain expansion and a contract with a devil

  7. Bro you do not know how to play the game, you build crit 100% of the time eza will not change that

  8. From what I’m getting here.crit is more important. If I’m being honest I was going to for full dodge bec he has shitty defence and his high chance of dodging feels like a scam. So would I go for full crit with some dodge or most dodge with some crit?

  9. What if the character doesn’t have a f2p unit like god duo

  10. Its supposed to be a rhythm game, how the fuck am I supposed to get into the rhythm when the music sounds like the composer had a fucking seizure.

  11. Lol yeah I’ve been getting shafted on global recently. I already have 200 stones in the bank for the banners

  12. So again you have no idea what to do? Your so stumped you looked for reddit?

  13. Well yes that’s why I made this post. I do it I’m general for anything. if I have any questions I go to Reddit because there would be people that know the answers to my question and sometimes google wouldn’t help much like in this case.

  14. Seems like you just want to i tera t with people and made shit up lol

  15. “Want to i Tera t with people” can you rephrase that I don’t understand

  16. I thought the skin looked like Foo Fighters more than jolyne tbh.

  17. If the LR is new I'd say that is a W alone but both Janemba and Cell are useful. I remember Hit was good a year ago but idk how he's aged, you don't really run his team is the problem.

  18. People say that cell is not that good anymore and that janemba is ok. Idk about hit tho. From experience I think both cell and janemba are amazing especially janemba since I use him in red zone. I don’t really use hit much bec his teams kinda suck and there are better units for his teams besides prob the universe 6 team which nobody would use anyway. The Lr I’ve heard nothing about so idk about him

  19. nei2 says:

    What event is this?

  20. It’s the Phy LR angel goku and vegeta eza. Normally it isn’t difficult but I don’t have the monke bros or gobros so it was significantly more difficult

  21. This is what I came to say. I usually just sit and wait at the end of the map and wait for them to commit to a move first.

  22. In silver and gold and even at low plat, passiveness is almost never a problem because everyone is rushing to get as much damage as possible and get kills. So it encourages the extremely persistent aggressive play style. Which then gets punished easily when vs people who know how to play. In high plat and diamond though playing passive is a necessity. If you play mindless aggressive your going to get absolutely cream pied by basically everyone. Just a simple wiff can get you to orange or even red easily. You can get away with an extremely aggressive playstyle early on but if your aiming to get diamond then that wouldn’t fly. You have to embrace the passiveness and throw out low cost low reward attacks when you know they will hit.

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