1. I don't like to just dismiss something before try it so Thanks for everyone correcting me. Honestly I still don't care about them all being the same size. But i will admit going slower felt better. And thanks for the tips given to me in messages.

  2. You’re not gonna lose that index finger now! Good job man.

  3. Inflation in California is a little crazy right now so I'm not much in favor of higher prices but I'm 100% on board with getting rid of rigged tipping system, it serves some too well while many others go hungry, there is no way to balance it correctly, it's a failed system that some people strike it rich out of so greedy people don't want to see it leave, way to ruin it for everyone else especially customers

  4. Lol a server calls other servers greedy. That's how you know all the ppl talking down to this are full of shit

  5. Cool, and we can give you the bare minimum if we want…or refuse service all together. Go away, troll.

  6. Saying Japanese and Chinese are unrelated is like saying Spanish and English are unrelated.

  7. I'm always scared I'm that guy. I can't ever tell because we are so good at lying

  8. why do you have to act like a single conversation you had is extended to all women? assuming you even had this conversation and you're not just parroting a tiktok you saw

  9. Wtf does TikTok have to do with anything? That just came out of left field. What TikTok videos are you watching?

  10. usually when kids post stupid stereotypes it's because they saw it in tiktok

  11. Omg your one of those ppl who call random ppl on the internet kid 🤣🤣🤣 I swear to God that's like page 1 of the Internet troll hand book

  12. Where you at? I wanna upgrade my trailer that I pull behind my motorcycle.. and since I already got the experience building trailers maybe we can duo if we're close enough?

  13. I'm currently doing a seasonal job in Bozema Montana

  14. How'd you learn that? I want to learn too but don't want to get cut

  15. Just finish it by today and you should be fine

  16. Just be careful and don't tell anyone your homeless

  17. i think i know why,but why cant u tell anyone ur homeless?

  18. More likely to be taken advantage of, looked down apon, ext. Ext.

  19. How do you know if it's right or wrong when you don't know what I'm making? For all you know I could be throwing it into a food processor and just did it for the video

  20. You've been cooking fooooor 2 - 3 years?

  21. But i want to add i don't believe time = cooking skills. My grandma tells me stuff about cooking that's just wrong but still works

  22. "do you turn into an ogre at night and then you're hot again in the morning?"

  23. What did I say that was insulting? I just described a Disney sence in ever Disney movie

  24. It wasn't suppose to be a real rate. It's just a video of me cutting fast. Take it easy dude. Why so serious

  25. Tap chopping seriously fucks with a knife’s edge. It’s fast but leaves slices uneven to all hell.

  26. Everyone keeps saying it's uneven but bra. We aren't robots. I think I prefer slightly uneven over perfectly uniform

  27. No. Why tf would anybody. If you could leave that would be different. But no one wants to live forever when everyone else is dead

  28. American here. IF someone decides to learn another language (which is not super common besides maybe taking a couple classes at school), it's usually Spanish. There's a pretty large Spanish speaking population in the US, so unless you're planning to move to another country Spanish is the most practical.

  29. America : French, Japoneses, Spanish and Korean

  30. I don't think your important enough here to announce your leaving of a sub you single entity

  31. This is tinder - why didn’t you check how far away she is? Clearly it’s a built in feature so that you don’t have to come off like this

  32. I travel like every month. A match for me can be anywhere and I'm willing to travel anywhere because I can do my job anywhere.

  33. I take it Math isn't your family's strong suit

  34. Nah that's your family. Your not going back 10yrs your going back till when YOU are 10 yrs old. If he was 40 that would would be 30 years.

  35. Please tell me more! I'm naively planning a loooong solo hike throughout europe on foot. Perhaps even a pilgrimage... I don't think I've comprehended the mental and physical toll that would take at ALL - even though that is the main reason why I'm doing it, just to throw myself into the deep end of life, I still don't want to die a fool just yet..

  36. You will not enjoy it. You will be in a large amount of pain. Your feet will hurt, you will cry from the loneliness, you will randomly laught because it's so quiet and you will break down because your phone battery WILL DIE, you won't have anything to distract you and you will be forced to deal with ever single memory you have good and bad and forced to answer the question "Do i like who I am?" Honestly to yourself. And if the answer is no, which most ppl say, you will cry for hours.

  37. And reflecting back on that experience, how much has it shaped you into the person that you are today?

  38. Your asking the wrong person that story. If I go back in time I still remember it so I wouldn't have to

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