1. Her dad also has a trans pin iirc, and what kind of cop has a trans pin if they don't have a trans family member?

  2. Yeah. Besides the bugs and boring main questlines, Bethesda games were always great sandbox experiences. I'm using past tense because after F:76, I refuse to believe that they can produce anything good anymore.

  3. At launch, Fallout 76 was hot garbage. But it's actually proved it's worth after updates and is worth a playthrough today. It's literally multiplayer Fallout 4, but with a better-ish story line.

  4. My vote is twnah. No redeeming qualities

  5. Dread And The Fugitive Mind? Burning Bridges, 1000 times goodbye? Come on.

  6. What perk gives you a hard on IRL?

  7. this is unedited as of writing this

  8. Apex's monetization is exclusively tied to skins though, nothing pay to win.

  9. You left out the best part "You queefin' queer, get your smelly rear outta here!"

  10. What are the cosmetics on the pyro loadout?

  11. He had to manually type that with a controller, oh God.

  12. Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime

  13. Was just about to comment that!

  14. Oh, we should be forever grateful to Respawn for giving us the same fucking animation on each legend, instead of making one universal animation that all of them can use instead of having a "different" backflip on all of them.

  15. Based as fuck of you for preserving history like this.

  16. You should stop commenting on posts like these, I despise griefing, but these scumbags crave popularity and reactions.

  17. How could you put the two best OSTs in the game in 'it's ok i guess'? Jesus!

  18. Most of these games are also on PS4.

  19. God damn it, Murphy mas my fucking favorite :(


  21. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=30029769&token=7iU7nKtm

  22. Because they care more about their citizens rather than war.

  23. OP is a repost bot, and the art isn't theirs. I've seen it before, and the username is clearly randomly generated

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