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  1. Idk being a decent person doesn’t mean someone’s gay imo

  2. I mean the creators themselves said it’s canon that they’re gay/queer and became their favorite couple on the show so

  3. i made one but it was funny only in context and would require a very long-winded explanation oof

  4. Maybe your file is just not recognised n'y the game . Did you inadvertent added and extension to your save while opening it . Maybe your file is now a .xml. it should have any kind of extension

  5. Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but would I be able to fix it if thats the case? And if so how would I go about it? Or is it gone forever after that? Thank you so much for replying I appreciate everyone here so much.

  6. For next time, I recommend doing what likely every guide to modify your save files will tell you and backing things up.

  7. thank you so much it truly means the world to me, I’ve still been trying to find ways to fix this for like the past 5hrs and so far no luck. I took your advice and compared the two files and they were identical except the newer save file had a folder labeled “farm” and my original one didn’t. Not sure what it means but I really don’t want to give up

  8. girl you the one crying just because someone said Luxx shouldn’t have won the lip sync and you’re telling THEM to seek help? Bffr😭

  9. Who’s crying? Y’all really just be talking out your fucking ass 😂😂

  10. Girl it is not that serious you was the one talkin bout people crying in the first place 🤣

  11. My hot take: I thought Loosey could have won this, I was shocked she was in the bottom

  12. hi! do you know if this game is still around? cant find it anywhere and its killing me

  13. Don’t you fuck us off by saying “cry about it” you’re being a bully. AND YET YOU PETARDS CALL US BOOMERS FOR NOT USING SLANG! Fuck...punches your face

  14. dude seriously. same goes for youtube shorts, they both have so much homophobic/sexist/racist comments and so many people agreeing with them it’s bizarre. and they’re alway really angry too, literally saw a reel a few mins ago of a girl saying she likes being in the passenger seat and the comments were calling her an abusive spouse 😭 like where do they come up with these conclusions on people they don’t even know. every short/reel I see of a guy being even slightly feminine the comments are bombarded with “Bidens America” or “fatherless”. plus their go-to is always L or Ratio to people who try calling them out

  15. i 1000% agree. they aren’t bad or anything but definitely not cookies. just mini cakes with frosting on top

  16. Sounds like high school kids.High school kids rarely follow adults like this so are you still in high school?If so this might be taupe because you have to deal with them more than adult would.

  17. My friends and I are all in college but the guys harassing us look about our age or younger, but it sucks because they’re way way taller than me

  18. First of all, I'm really sorry you and your friends had to deal with those monsters. Some people think they have the right to harass others who are in any way different than they assume is the norm, it really sickens me.

  19. Thanks so much! it means a lot to me, sorry people are so shitty to you sometimes, hopefully I can kick complete ass one day :D

  20. It doesn't make sense to you because you have no experience -very luckily- with dissociation and denial. These are two behavioral/psychological phenomena that caused this entire horror show. Read a book about dissociation and denial and this case will start to make perfect sense to you. It will begin looking more and more like a textbook case of what happens when the child has autism and the parents have severe denial and dissociation

  21. right, except for the fact that there were feces found inside her ear and they found her body with her shirt lifted up exposing her breasts. those parents weren’t in denial, they were evil. this isnt a case of dissociation at all.

  22. sadly I think so, there’s something really really evil going on with those two and there’s no way Lacey could do that to herself. Those two were the only people living with her, I can’t even call them parents

  23. Right? And they come out of friggin nowhere. Absolutely hate the way they hop in any direction. Sending you positive vibes. It’s so hard to explain and deal with.

  24. Hey do you have any updates on how you feel about them now? I have a gut-wrenching fear of these things and live in constant paranoia from them but I don’t know what to do and I don’t think I could ever go through with exposure therapy.

  25. I think it’s because with bugs you can just shoo them away. Frogs, on the other hand are complete trolls. Had what looked like a medieval sword fight (stick in hand) with my trash can and a frog because I could not shoo away this frog that kept trying to jump me. I gave up and sure enough, a day later, after the trashcan was knocked to the ground, he was still there. Ps: salt works. If I could just spray salt water everywhere it’d be great.

  26. I know this thread is really old but may I please ask what state/country you live in so I know to never go there 😭 they’re my absolute biggest fear and I’ve never seen one in person so I’m petrified for the day I do and I’m too scared to look up what places have the lowest population cuz I don’t wanna risk seeing a picture of one.

  27. Yall weird niggas so quick to try to cancel black people for anything , complain about black owned media, gets black owned media now y’all complain a reunión special has 2 parts. You broke fucks will die miserable and complaining.

  28. damn you bitter and mad for what? this has nothing to do with them being a black owned company.

  29. Not a victim? A disgusting creep taking advantage of a homeless, vulnerable, young, pregnant, woman?! He seems like a human trafficker/serial killer.

  30. Don’t even try using logic on this person, just look through their account 💀

  31. She willingly chatted with this guy online and agreed to live with him. Yes Dany is a creep and whatever else. A lot of people can tell by listening to him in just a few conversations. So she couldn’t tell by chatting with him? Talking to him? And looking at the interactions he had with his wife where not more red flags for her to say I’m am not moving in with him. Not a victim in my eyes. She saw him as someone to take care of her and as an opportunity to take advantage of, and later found another and moved out. Most of the times this things just don’t happen to random people. They created the situation and jumped right in and the blame is not outside or someone else. Everyone of us is responsible for our actions and the consequences that come with it

  32. Was gonna say something but then went through your other comments on things you’ve said about women and you’re just a creep, so it makes sense now.

  33. Went to school out there....night hikes in the fog on the Blue ridge parkway are pretty wild. Hear lots of things in the forest and it feels like you are in the movie "the Ritual". Have some stories from out that way for sure.

  34. Pride flags? What’s the problem with pride flags?

  35. I need you guys to understand that 95% sex scenes in movies are simulated. Especially those involving dangerous acts. And they frequently use body doubles for the actors, especially when depicting the abuse of a child.

  36. dude she deadass said herself that she felt comfortable kissing him.

  37. You do understand that the scene is simulated, right? As in they don't actually kiss.

  38. it wasn’t simulated. it was real and Alexa herself said she felt “safe” kissing him.

  39. Never once defended the movie. Just stated it is a movie and not real. Lol...but keep on thinking movies are real and your statement is fucking pathetic man...

  40. no need to get so defensive and angry, seems like OP struck a nerve? also your “comparisons” were ridiculous.

  41. It’s a fucking drama piece movie you stupid fuck. You only saw kissing and you couldn’t see it was them and the rest was implied.

  42. The sad part is that the writers without a doubt built up their defenses around this. You absolutely cannot criticize this game. If you do, well you’re clearly a racist bigot homophobic conservative piece of shit. It’s genuinely mind boggling. I’m all for diversity in narrative but he went out of his way to kill off every male character, leaving only gay/transsexual women at the end. That is very fucking clearly an agenda and it has nothing to do with the last of us core plot or overall plot from part 1. The second you boot up part 2 nothing, NOTHING matters from part 1. It all gets thrown out specifically to promote this shit. You cannot sit here and tell me a cliche revenge plot isn’t cliche and that the game deserves its metacritic score.

  43. Went out of his way to kill off every male character? you mean Joel, Jesse, Isaac, and the guys in Abbys little group? What about Yara, Nora, Whitney, Mel, and Jordans girlfriend? also there aren’t any transexual women in the series. Chill out, relax.

  44. I later looked it up after this post and saw that Joseline and Lexi had a falling out. Lexi should have known Joseline was going to go crazy at the reunion when she saw what she said online. I saw Lexi on YouTube talking a lot of stuff (which I’m okay with, I like when they stand up for themselves) but I was disappointed that Lexi didn’t have that same energy when they met in person at the reunion.

  45. do you know the reason for Joselines and Lexi Blows falling out? I’ve been tryna find out why but I can’t

  46. Mysterious Skin. Beautifully sad movie with amazing acting that you just can’t bring yourself to watch a second time around.

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