1. If he’s cheap, then sure why not. But wouldn’t he take Elijah Moore’s spot? I think I’d rather have Elijah than a potentially washed up OBJ.

  2. Nah Nania fucking blew his spot up on twitter like a dumbass.

  3. Always makes me smile when Mets players say they love their team

  4. Keith did this last time in February. Taking his sweet time.

  5. So all that spin about how MiLF didn’t want Wilson was BS, then once he started to struggle MiLF start talking shit on him. Seems like our Oc was a pretty fucking toxic guy

  6. And Hackett is a huge player friendly coach. Let’s see what happens.

  7. Greg should replace Romo. Im serious Romo has become fucking insufferable and Greg is not bad at all.

  8. He would be less annoying if he wasn’t doing every Chiefs game

  9. Hot take - this won’t fix Russ and they miss the playoffs again next year

  10. That must be so frustrating for everyone on our defense. MLF absolutely needed to go. Need a different offensive philosophy.

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