1. That’s why I got heavy into trying to write everyday. So I could capture the happy, the sad, and even the bland reoccurring stuff

  2. I think this is a great approach when aiming for a more well rounded picture of things, I’ll definitely try and do the same :)

  3. It's probably a mix of both. The fact that you had a lot of crappy times doesn't mean that you didn't also have many good times. Maybe it evens out?

  4. Yes for sure it likely is just the nature of life and would be entirely too difficult for me to measure whether or not the positives outweighed the negatives so I think I’ll decide to generally look back on the year with fondness haha

  5. Don't beat yourself up, trying to be consistent means you won't enjoy it so much!

  6. I'm an atheist but Mary did you know absolutely slaps, particularly the pentatonix version.

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