I just found out that you can send pictures in the comments so please send me the weirdest picture you have if your cat! I’ll go first

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  1. Fettuccine Alfredo made from scratch, not the chain restaurant stuff. Nothing beats it for me

  2. So this is going to be weird side advice but anti stress pheromones and zylkene have been life savers in my house. My boy cat is just prone to urinary issues and special food and tons of water and supplements help but not enough. The anti stress stuff is the extra addition that helps us. I'd also recommend trying wet food again and adding a bladder support drink. When adding food stuff to your cats diet make sure you understand how it works in conjunction with any stuff you are already giving. For example my cats special food is a diuretic so when I give him supplements I don't give anything that has diuretic properties.

  3. Is there a brand of anti-stress pheromones that you recommend?

  4. You are logged in to your YT account in the app? Have to be logged into a YT account to get graphic.

  5. Oh, I think that’s the issue. I’m not logged in through the app. Thank you!

  6. I can tell you what I remember when I had to take it in 2010 to graduate from my teacher prep program. I don't know how much of this is still accurate.

  7. I just looked up those videos and found them, thank you for mentioning! I know they’re old but I feel like I speak closer to the Advanced speaker example which makes me feel a little better! Thank you!

  8. Tbh you sound in denial and like you have some inner shame about being a redhead. Which is fairly common considering the negative messages redheads often recieve personally or through wider culture, when growing up.

  9. Quite the opposite. I love the strawberry in my hair. It just makes me a little sad when some (usually non-redhead) people say that it’s just blonde. Again, I know it’s not a big deal, but I was curious if other strawberry blonde haired people noticed theirs looking darker/not as red sometimes in certain lighting.

  10. Uhhh yeah, I relate to this. Growing up my mom really wanted me to be a blonde like her, got blonde highlights with her and stayed out in the sun to the point it lightened my hair to a strawberry blonde. Always called myself a blonde when people asked. As I got older it got darker and redder and I decided to get out of the sun and help my hair be it’s best self so I stopped dyeing/highlighting it and now it’s the color it was when I was a child. I have a weird thing about it too.

  11. I’m sorry your mom didn’t support your natural color 😕 I was lucky, my mom always told me to never dye my hair because of the strawberry in it. Red hair is beautiful, no matter the shade.

  12. Your nose looks great! Uneven swelling is really common, especially if your nose was crooked before. That cartilage isn’t used to sitting in the other direction, that’s why you experience more swelling on one side. Something to note, nostrils will almost never be perfectly symmetrical, even with the best surgeons. Everyone has some asymmetry to a certain degree. You look a bit swollen still, but your nostrils already look pretty darn symmetrical.

  13. I came here to say this!!!! The on ramp for a highway is the acceleration lane! It is the duty of the drivers merging onto the highway to be at the travel speed of the traffic on the highway by the time they merge. Minnesotans expect the traffic on the highway to yield to them while they merge going 40mph. THAT’S NOT HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO WORK. It’s dangerous and causes slowdowns on the highway. Use your gas pedal people!!

  14. I have to admit that with a slow-accelerating hybrid, I get very self-conscious with certain on-ramps that aren’t very long. I hear my car working so hard only to get up to 55 merging on to a 70. I’m trying at least lol

  15. Solved: The Giver. I figured it out finally. Not as much of a cliff hanger as it was an open ended ending. Thank you for your help everyone!

  16. These are more fantasy. What I’m thinking of was strictly more science/futuristic-y.

  17. Ok, this one may have another name, but I loved eating “MUSH” that my mother made. It is made in a kettle on the stove stirring flour into milk for 10 to 15 minutes. You pour it out on a plate to about the size of a large pancake. Melted butter, lots of sugar, and cinnamon are added on top. Pure energy.

  18. Sounds like Rømmegrøt! I love Norwegian traditions and foods being part of Minnesotan culture ❤️

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