Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Series Discussion

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  1. I’ve heard of ATYD. Most of the comments, however, haven’t been the best. And after The Last Enemy I’m hesitant to try it because TLE was soooo good and perfect. Have you read it?

  2. Started reading TLE after seeing your comment and I absolutely loved it! I was wondering whether you had found any other good non dramione fanfics?

  3. I feel like people tend to love or hate this one. I was one of the people who enjoyed it, so if it interests you, maybe give it a shot? You can dnf if you end up disliking (or hating) it

  4. Agreed. I actually enjoyed this book. Regardless of tastes though, I don’t think it deserves to be on a “worst books” thread

  5. Oh okay. Do you recognize any of his friends? You could always get the message through one of them. Guys are dopes, they get excited when they can help out a buddy with women.

  6. That is great advice, but I feel like I shouldn’t quite come right out about my romantic interest as we (rarely) see each other in a professional setting and I wouldn’t want to make things awkward for him there.

  7. I thought it was a lot better than the original ending, but I am still quite disappointed. I think it’s because I had such high expectations for this webtoon

  8. I loved reading this comment because that is exactly how I felt about Manacled, and I find it’s not a very common opinion. Would be extremely curious to know which fics you would consider your favourites

  9. The ending ... what? Why are they acting so normally two days later when they knew the whole opening of the portals thing happened? And they saw vecna crawled away somewhere?

  10. That’s exactly how I felt, I was so disappointed with that ending

  11. Honestly, I wasn't sure whether to start this when it first started posting because Manacled was not for me. But I got intrigued about how she was going about the non-Voldy AU and now this is one of my top three HP stories in general, pairing and romance aside. It's so cathartic to read.

  12. I’d love to know which ones are your other top three HP stories!

  13. Spoil me too omg?? I had no idea it was ending. I don’t fast pass that series and didn’t realize it was even NEAR the end!!

  14. Same! I honestly had to go to the webtoon app and double check because there’s still so much up in the air that I thought it couldn’t possibly be about to end

  15. Yes. I checked it on the offical website of Vietnam railroad

  16. I honestly love this! My favourite part is that the stripes on her sweater look like the skyline of a city.

  17. My surgeon in italy for example studied with the best plastic surgeon in italy from the best universities and has over 30 years of experience. i don’t think doctors in Turkey have had the same experience/level of education. My doctors showed me the studies he did and masters just for the tip of the nose

  18. I recommend doctoe Bora ok, he does ethic rhinoplasty. Henhas tons Of videos and photos

  19. I’m in love with his work, it looks so natural! Do you happen to know his price range?

  20. No, I didn't realize it was that short. I'm sorry

  21. You shouldn’t be sorry! Even if the skirt was particularly short (which it isn’t, by the way), it is quite obvious there is no sexual intent whatsoever behind this drawing. It looks great, good job ☺️

  22. For the love of god, never ever send nudes that show her face no matter how much she thinks she can trust the other person.

  23. This! And I’ve also just noticed they have introduced daily passes for ongoing series. Worried we won’t be able to read anything for free anymore soon

  24. First one I read was I love Yoo, the one that made me keep the app was Purple Hyacinth and the last one I (re-)read is Surviving Romance

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