1. Go to Ouarzazate and spend some days hiking in the desert! Fes is also a really beautiful city. Don’t go to Agadir or Casablanca, too much tourists and not worth it.

  2. Do you sleep in a tent, do you only use public transportation or do you hitchhike or hop trains?

  3. Is the public upheaval getting worse or is the revolution undergoing a stagnation? Do people get armed, are there any ‘manu militari’ actions against the regime?

  4. Welcome to the Club! I am blond, blue eyed too and wherever we go we can be qualified as tourists, except in Northern Europe and other former Western colonies (not all). It is part of the game and you have to accept it, especially when you travel in a certain kind of way (hitchhiking, hopping trains) you re usually not that clean and people just stare at you, I experienced it last month when I traveled like that for 2 months. What I did most of the time is I just stare back, most people look away after a couple of seconds.

  5. Turkey doesn’t characterize as a Western country

  6. Really cool you take hitchhikers on your way. I am finishing right now a solo hitchhiking trip around Europe of 2 months. Thank you, it is people like you who make it possible for people like me to travel freely!

  7. Oh niiice! Where did you end up going? And yeah, I've been hitchhiking myself a fair bit, so I know how great it feels to get a ride. Very happy to return the favor I've been given countless times!

  8. I have hitched from France to Bulgaria. It took me two months approximately. Thanks again :D

  9. Go to arugam bay, it is a surfer paradise and so beautiful

  10. that would be perfect but idk how i could bring it up to my partner in a way that doesn’t worry them

  11. Tell them that you have experience in the field. That you’ll stay in touch with them everyday or every two days. Maybe lay out a route beforehand and tell them they can meet you at one point in your journey.

  12. The phone has nothing to do with younger crowd being harder to interact with. They are cold, distant people. I have 18 and 16 yr old nephews and nieces and that's just how they are. Take away their phone and they don't suddenly become warm bubbly individuals.

  13. Yes because their environment made them like that, but it s not in their character. You can’t generalize a whole generation

  14. Give maybe a bit of background information about yourself?

  15. Why are you going to spain? Isnt it dreadfully hot down there?! Go to Vienna or Prague instead

  16. I already went to both cities. I am migrating to the South of Spain for the winter. Might wanna find a farm or something. Maybe heading to Morocco next.

  17. How do you like sofia? I plan to visit in november.

  18. I love it, but Plovdiv is better I personally think.

  19. It does not have to be in the center actually lol

  20. Heey, 24 male here, almost 25, come to the Balkans if you want, Montenegro to be exact. I sleep in a tent and hitch rides. I am confortable in saying that I could learn you a lot of things in a couple days. Like where to sleep, how to make money, survive in the wilderness and where to find food. Hit me up if your interested. Peace

  21. How does someone get over there from America? I'm assuming flying or boat but arent those really expensive?

  22. You have to go to North to or South Carolina, there you can hitch a boat, often people sail the whole Atlantic there. Or you can ask containerboats if you can traverse the ocean with them. Try to make them laugh and be presentable. It’s an adventure man, but hell a worth it

  23. For free? They let you share a cabin and actually give you food for the trip?

  24. It depends, normally you just put your matras down somewhere, but if you can manage to have a cabin, it’s great! You can also clean the common rooms in return for favors

  25. It’s too cold to vagabond in Scandinavia. You really need the right gear and it’s also pretty expensive. Head south to start your journey. Benelux or mid-Germany would be a good start.

  26. One picture is much more zoomed out than the other one, that’s why there is a discrepancy between both pics

  27. That dude watched Way too many movies

  28. Why is Belgium always erased mf?

  29. Could you please revive Belgium? would be greatly appreciated

  30. Good to know,Coors brewery only gave me 3 sample's,and they know when you've had three!

  31. Is it belgian beer? It says new belgium on the can…

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