1. The paid_with_id indicated $100, but the full $150 was paid, to be clear.

  2. Getting a green candy and it turning out to be apple and not lime is like getting a cookie that you think has chocolate chips in it, and it turns out to be raisins.

  3. Well what color should a green apple candy be then? Haha

  4. True. If you like the flavor, you need it. But I don't think it belongs with the others. My ideal is lemon, lime, orange, grape and cherry. My guess is they put the apple there because they hate smiles.

  5. There were two shows in the 80s that defined this trend. Remington Steele, with Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist, and Moonlighting, with Bruce Willis and Cybil Shephard. The latter was a copy of the former, from what I remember, and it was really this second show that stuck in everyone's mind when it came to the main characters hooking up and ruining the show.

  6. You say it's the most respected "sport" - so if that's not the point, then what is the point?

  7. That it's the most respected. Sport could be pastime or hobby and it would probably amount to the same thing. (???)

  8. A sport is a game that requires physical exertion - Hockey, basketball, soccer, etc. are sports. Chess is a board game and does not require physical exertion. Thus, chess is not a sport.

  9. I don't think it is either. But when they say it's not the point, they're not wrong. The operative word was "respected", not "sport".

  10. i dont know you so i dont mean to be judgemental of you in specific, but i have to be honest there really is a trend of people calling their ex a narcissist. there is also a rising trend of calling parents narcissists.

  11. Narcissistic personality disorder is the serious and dangerous mental disorder. Narcissism itself is common, and gaslighting abusers are everywhere. It just means someone can't accept that they act like a jerk, so they need to cover it up to everyone, including themselves.

  12. My opponent should not be irritated by winning, and they shouldn't balk at a chance to practice their endgame.

  13. That's been my perspective too. We were in an initial growth period, and in that state we could never have conceived of being in this world. Now it's happening in a different way, and we can't conceive of what it would be like after this.

  14. Well assuming there isn't a higher truth, absolutely. We shouldn't waste our time in its pursuit. But I've experienced higher truth. It's definitely real.

  15. If you learn that you live in a world where life is cheap, your guardians betray you, and anything good you earn or receive will be taken from you ...

  16. It's because the full extent of experience is not "Life". Can a person just do the most inhuman thing and declare that it's the way life is? But a kid doesn't understand that. Even in adulthood, knowing that trauma is not Life, it still feels that way. You define living as a state of constant danger.

  17. Omg the Italian ice cream made in Ireland is sooo much better bc of the water.

  18. I think we are all currently in the presence of God and not noticing because the physical world keeps taking precedence. And if our journey in this life is an endless process of drawing nearer and nearer to Him, as I would say, then we're wasting a ton of time. Except we're not, because even if we're adamantly opposed to belief we still adhere to the natural law that love exists and is good, IMO. That there are things like justice, morals, ethics, etc. It seems like that question, whether it's secular, spiritual, religious, is a way of directing us all toward that light. But I think we should take God as seriously as He deserves to be taken, without descending into fanaticism.

  19. There's also more out there than just following a monotheistic god and atheism (though it sounds like you were describing anti-theism.

  20. I probably was. It's the stuff that occupies my thinking on the subject.

  21. This is the Baha'i House of Worship in N. America:

  22. Yes. I live close by. I used to volunteer there when I was a kid. The director of the Temple took my family up to the catwalks and let my sister and I climb the inside ladder of the dome. It's a very peaceful place.

  23. The message of the Baha'i Faith is more important than any kind of division. We have to accept that. All of us have a problem with it.

  24. It's dog whistling. It appeals to the people who like to see the "libs get triggered". In this case, he's technically right about the cancer, as nicotine is one of the components of tobacco that isn't carcinogenic, but of course he knows the effect his words have.

  25. Allah'u'abha (God is Most Glorious), 95 times a day. When I keep up with it.

  26. https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Chess_Opening_Theory

  27. You don't need to be affiliated with that church, any church, that religion, or any religion, to still believe in God. Human beings will always try to co-opt important things for their own selfish purposes.

  28. Because he died from two shotgun blasts to the head.

  29. Raping a child is worse because they can’t properly comprehend what happened or why. This can cause years of trauma and in some cases cause irreversible damage. While raping an adult is monstrous, at least they can understand and cope with it. Not to mention a child‘s brain is like a sponge so the entire event is gonna be stored and repeated

  30. Exactly. It establishes your core relationship with the world.

  31. Same. It's one of the greatest albums ever recorded, IMO.

  32. It calms me down, especially if it's a storm.

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