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  1. None of those garbage “gaming” chairs

  2. Have had a Secret Lab for about 4 years and its still holding up, but showing signs of wear. Leather cracks and whatnot, nothing major. Good chair, but nothing to write home about.

  3. Report player. Request FF. Vibe with the opponents and chill until you're out. Wait a minute and requeue.

  4. Nvidia card? Check out the Nvidia container service in services.msc, disable it and stop the process. Check for lag. Re-enable it the same way if it isn't working. This type of lag sounds familiar, and this fixed it for me and 2 others. Oddly we only noticed it with RL. Didn't seem to affect any other games we play.

  5. Yes I read about it but I didnt install it yet cause I dont want to install any freeware. But I think I will try it after you recommendation. Thank you very much.

  6. Revo Uninstaller is a legitimate freeware program. Use it to Uninstall any leftover files from Rocket League, and Epic Launcher. Reinstall Epic launcher to the good drive, making sure you're choosing that drive in the setup process. Reinstall RL, again making sure the launcher is pointed at the correct drive for the installation. Let it sync up with your cloud saves and you should be up and running.

  7. Man I just report em and keep playing. I’ll be nice to the nice ppl and ignore the morons

  8. This just means you're aware of your own abilities, or mechanics you're lacking. After a play where you should have challenged and hesitated, save the replay, pick the best possible strat from your current position, even if it's something you KNOW you can't pull off under pressure, and spend 15 minutes training that specific play. Make that challenge. Keep doing this and then you get speed, control and confidence. Just pick 1 play and really dial it in.

  9. Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller, with the USB C Cable.

  10. If you're on an nVidia setup, you might try disabling its container services in services.msc and force stopping them. This fixed 3 other friends' issues and my own with 0 performance losses. Just enable it again the same way if you don't get results.

  11. Certain games available through Steam may have a subscription model, but Steam itself has nothing to do with limiting the amount that one plays.

  12. Yeah, I was thinking one of those free-to-play games that have a cool-down that you can bypass with money. Is there a lot of that on steam?

  13. Entirely dependent upon the game. I'd imagine you see more of this in mobile games, but that's not to say it doesn't exist on Steam in some of those F2P games. Son probably wants microtransactions for a particular game, if I had to guess.

  14. Turn system off. Hold power until you get a different boot sequence to turn it back on. Rebuild the Database is one of the options that pop-up. It'll take a few minutes, but do it.

  15. Oh my fault. Thought this was Steam sub when I was posting I guess. I'll edit it out, sadly.

  16. Cruise control hates inclines. 'Better downshift twice for this 3 degree slope.'

  17. I'm ass. Spend most of my time murdering bots and ignoring players as much as possible so I can unlock everything and git gud. When I get some friends on we do duels for practice. Hucking bread and turkeys and chairs at battling friends has never been more entertaining.

  18. If that doesn't work, I'm pretty sure Rebuilding the Database will.

  19. I'd argue most everyone over 30 knows it's a waste to stoop to their level, and has the ability to brush it off.

  20. Sounds 'normal', but everyone's progression is different. You do you. Watch replays from your teammates' perspective, but focus on what you're doing on field instead of them.

  21. you can always take the 'this isn't relevant to my degree but i'm kinda into this' classes.

  22. Doesn't it have to be relevant to your degree to be certified though? I like the thought. You could even step into a mentorship role for the students who are actually engaged.

  23. this still works? last time I went on my own googly adventure it was only throwin me stuff sayin somethin like this didnt work anymore...

  24. I'm pretty sure Lethamyr has a guide on YouTube and/or his site explaining the workshop workaround for Epic. Also plenty of Maps available there. At work or I'd provide a link.

  25. Desert until fakie balance. Do the steep maps first and leave the more flat ones for your fakie runs. Just ride fakie from spawn across the finish.

  26. If you do this with other games too, I'd just look into a capture card as a solution. They're pretty cheap. Elgato seems to be the brand of choice.

  27. Same reason there's no option to disable double jumping on kickoff instead of speed flipping. Just control your button presses.

  28. It just seems illogical to me - I don’t see how it would be useful. And when I’m trying to make a quick reaction I’m not thinking about it.

  29. Useful for saves from awkward positions, or infield centering off the wall for a teammate, or canceling an aerial you already prejumped but won't make it to. You can also hold ebrake after a bump and build/retain momentum with it. It has its uses. Just not for that specific purpose.

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