1. They don’t do things properly because the failed actor who Tony put through fake medical school doesn’t know who he is clearing week to week, he’s done Bryan, Saraya, he thinks he may have to sign him off for a blood and guys match next week

  2. This’ll be what they’re stopped for in customs on the way to aew Tokyo dynamite,

  3. I get the feeling they weren’t sent by Bayley but Alexa might be taking over damage control

  4. I’m living Beckys offence she’s obviously been learning a few moves and they’re the type of stuff that you tell your opponent just stay there and react I’ll walk you through it

  5. Imagine if we got regal on commentary instead - hello treacle you’re looking scrumptious tonight who is this baron von Corbin oh I remember him from my early nxt days oh wow he’s looking erm healthy

  6. I have questions for everyone. Eventually the Usos have to lose both tag titles. Who do they lose them to? When and how?

  7. Sami gets kicked off, it’s emotional but Roman is paranoid and losing it, Owens and Zayn reform to fight for the title at mania and win, the first but if the Roman Empire crumbling.

  8. He makes up for it with that god-tier voice of his.

  9. I kinda think they missed a trick by not having Damien priest be a voice in god of war 2, he would be the perfect voice for an adult loki

  10. Funny how the elite are absolutely fine living and working back in Japan while Tony is even more of a laughing stock, the moment he picked the elite over cm punk he dug his own grave for aew. That will be one of the moments people look back and think ‘what if’ for sure. After the tv deal falls through we will see weekly ppvs for episodes and YouTube shows and will slowly melt into nothing. And we won’t see a lot go back to wwe because they’ll be sitting on big fat contacts like the wcw days

  11. I love how ‘I didn’t know’ is good enough for all the elite cucks. Even though it was all around the wrestling industry and in the observer etc and plus even if it wasn’t surely checking up on anyone you’re using for an event even if it’s just borrowing a ring is a must, considering the absolute cretins that exist out there, but no it would have made things a lot harder for his show had he ‘knew’. Now imagine this was CM Punk and imagine the fans got hold of it, now imagine the elite got hold of it and spread it which they totally would, the rumours of him being a strange guy whatever but I can only trust my gut and he gives me the heebie jeebies for sure, so do the bucks and Don and he’s their friend so birds of a feather. Seems like it’s one rule for everyone else but when it comes to them it’s fine and just jokes lol

  12. Weird how these guys come and work with the people who are already over and the only person they attempt to elevate is MJF like it’s pretty obvious he’s the only one with any upside and the rest are indie mindset for life

  13. When regal goes back to triple h I do believe BPjnr will be one of the names

  14. Ah you’re mean it was good! But still my question doesn’t get read out!

  15. Oh another time I had a comment deleted, why you ask? What horrible thing did I say?

  16. I was banned for saying colts return wouldn’t amount to anything, they said it was trolling gus fans, funny because the post above mine said ‘come on punk fans cry for me so I can taste those salty tears’ and was fine. I didn’t swear or be rude it wasn’t a reply to anybody just my opinion on the situation and quoted punk, banned for 3 days, I thought it was a mistake at first but no any opinion that might start a swell against the elite is considered a bannable offense it’s actually kinda scary, and nobody you can go to complain to because they all hide, and they’re all elite marks and Tony marks, and get free tickets to shows, they had 2 mods left for one of the shows as all the others had gone to the big show, kinda funny that ain’t it?

  17. The management is shit, I bombed you’ve got people who have never done it before so constantly learning on the job, people still involved in the wrestling so will always have an agenda, a lockeroom full of kids who’ve never drew a dime not taking advice off people who have, and the ones that do get treated like they’re taking this too seriously and aren’t sucking up to the elite so get left off tv, Tony has adhd so is booking off what he wrote on a napkin, gets bored if someone real quick and practically ruins careers in a week or two, but the elite hang around like cockroaches, Tony to scared to fire anyone so let’s the contracts go without any word, too scared that it would be seen as a dunk for wwe to get someone they let go so would rather they sat at gone. Hypocrites who said this place wouldn’t be like wwe but doing every the old wwe would. And also they said it would be a mix of wrestling, it isn’t, it’s the elites type of wrestling and don’t dare get over because that doesn’t work for us brother. The company can never be successful with the elite in it, it’s just a fact, unless Tony magically grew a pair and demoted all of them as talent only and started being an actual boss. Place is a joke, only have to look at the contracts they gave indie talent, 4 times higher than what they’d make and guaranteed for how ever many years Christmas came early for them.

  18. Aew know how to get whatever narrative they want and all they have to do is give free tickets to people who would have bought them anyway and would have been empty anyway

  19. You can tell why Mick Foley is the missing link between the legends of the past and hardcore wrestlers of the figure. Why he is revered by both because he respects the past and echos the statements of those who came before at the same time trying to warn the generation of tomorrow what lies in stores for someone who uses their body this way. This along with being one of if not the nicest guy in wrestling, which no agenda makes him one of a kind. And better than most at each side of the coin, he could have been either, but his most important attribute was always his mind and that’s what the next generation should look at when it comes to what can I do like Cactus Jack? I’d say Thanks for the memories Mick but that might make me ignorant too.

  20. It’s Okada’s fault for doing the voice, people were gonna go see it but once they saw the guy who turned up in sweatpants and a t shirt they though well if he’s not taking it seriously why should I?

  21. It’s too late to be trying to get rating using ftr and then probably blaming them when it does work. This is a two for one special for the elite, the elite do their best of 7 right before the match to kill the crowd and ratings and then they point and laugh while ftr have a good match against a new over tag team, that way they can blame all 4 on the bad ratings and suggest the bucks win the titles instead, it’s all planned out.

  22. He’s already wrestling on a place that’s easier to find and nobody cares except the people who will always care the few hundred thousand, they back the elite in whatever situation that may arise, fights, dodgy friends whatever it doesn’t matter because I’m sure they’ll have some MySpace bio quote that is just cutting and they’ll win the argument with that! So even this small army he has behind him won’t go out and find his match on tna live, they might read about it or watch it later but it’s the same as asking your neighbour if you can lend their car them saying no and then you saying can I lend your other small car that doesn’t work instead? They don’t get any more viewers and the ones they get a large part of them couldn’t care less. They’re one cog in the wheel, it’s not the Kenny omega show it’s a wrestling show and as much as they love to tell people they made it they really didn’t and it should be a team effort but right now they’re a team of 3 trying to kick the rest of the team down the stairs on the way to the field.

  23. There is no plan, there is no twist, there’s no big reveal or all the moving parts to finally come together to create a masterpiece. The pillars don’t rise and overtake the old guard, what happens is you’ll see the head of a few pop out from Mario pipes to as loud a pop as 2 thousand people can pop and the disappear again, and through it all a buck whispering in each ear of a billionaire as Kenny rubs his shoulders and Don rubs Kenny, a 5 headed monster flanked by coke spray and baby oil who will never ever give their spot up for anybody and make every other wrestler live as Rebecca while they play the servants. What could have been brilliant will be mediocre at its peak and because of their own laughter they won’t be able to hear the punchline of the joke. Like a snake eating its own tail and slowly pooping itself out again, as billions upon billions of dollars might as well be piled up in the centre of Daily’s place and slide down like the joker did, and how fitting the money that you grovel for is your very own, wallowing in the muck of avarice

  24. Sometimes I see someone return in aew or redebut or coke back from injury, or have a new gimmick and then disappear and I think wow they must have done something crazy to come back get a little pop then them to have nothing for them, them to not be impressed or see nothing in them to not use them again, but the truth is they’re just waiting in catering on 3 year deals because someone has convinced Tony it’s better to have them so wwe done, when wwe don’t want them or know who they are.

  25. I think many of us have forgotten that these people are real, I’ve joked about it so much I’ve kind of convinced myself there are no people out there so non self aware that they’ll be the stereotype of an aew smark neckbeard but they are still alive and kicking, in the official Reddit and in the basement and they live for this stuff. Seeking out any minute criticism about aew and never agreeing to disagree or even accepting there is a 1% chance they’re wrong. And I still find it so very bizarre, what will have to happen for them to wake up and smell the orange juice? And realise Tony Khan might as well be a parasite feeding off the whale eye that is wrestling and all their favourite stars are the worst of the worst when it comes to taking themselves seriously and projecting and gaslighting and playing victim and always being the chill ones. That place must scrabble some people’s brains, sure there is some subliminal advertising going on there

  26. Isn’t it sad that Regal was working tents in Blackpool getting stretched every night working for free and wrestling in every promotion, doing a style that’s never gone out of fashioned and is still light years ahead of today, wrestling everyone from Goldberg to Triple h to Benoit to Fit Fin to Bryan Danielson and he’s having to ask some nobody who just happened to be the sperm that got the egg of a billion what he can do with his career. If I was him I’d have given Tony a blank piece of paper in the first place and said sign it I’ll write the whole thing up myself, take it or leave it, and Tony wouldn’t even notice a different in his bank account because he never does or a difference in his company because nobody is blooming listening to the advice William frickin regal has to offer!!!! And the ones that do are punished because they asked punk for advice trying to get even a nugget of knowledge of legends of the sports to try and help their career which is in the hands of that kid who can make anything happen with his mind from the twilight zone but in real life, and now in wrestling form!

  27. Moderator: Here’s CM Punk botching the buck shot lariat lol

  28. Remember Jericho f’ing hurts that word, and it’s so offensive to him when someone says it, but it’s cool when it’s against the cancer of the locker room. Let’s forget that Jericho has at least one embarrassing stumble a match, or Sammy missing throwing him his baseball bat while Aubrey did her best Ray Charles impression and Kenny was involved in the one of the most embarrassing endings of a ppv ever but no here’s a guy with a broken foot not being able to land on it. He can’t do the move that Adam page does that tells you everything you need to know about the person.

  29. Tony gonna have 17 titantrons at the next shows with a section taped off because of the drone show

  30. I mean you know sometimes footballers their shirts off in excitement when they score a goal and they don’t want the jersey to be on because you can tell how old it is and it dates it or they want to make an nft or use that image or whatever and can’t be arsed removing the Nike tick or Wonga loans sponsor I think the Saudi shows are the same, every wrestler hoping to just get through he show without having a botch that can be replayed or winning something that’ll always be on their Wikipedia page with a big asterisk saying BUT IT WAS IN SAUDI!!!! So a McMahon winning it doesn’t matter because it’s a McMahon product.

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