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  1. The game literally only released in Japan. That's a minority no matter where you're from. Game collections rarely ever have more effort put into them past filters and galleries, that's not just a Capcom thing.

  2. People like you are the reason smaller fanbases never grow. Stop being such an elitist dickbag.

  3. Ah, the "can't argue with the solid logic, so i'm just gonna go for nonsensical insults" route. Classic.

  4. What benefit is there even to follow or acknowledge curators on steam? Seems like meaningless bullshit on a gaming store

  5. For actual reviews - none. But they do provide other benefits:

  6. Well, duh. If they weren't giving away free games - what would they have? Who would've spared even a thought for EGS if they weren't giving away free games left and right?

  7. OP's point is that they're upset Linux users like and defend something that isn't Linux. How dare you, you're supposed to be an elitist!

  8. Nope, OP's point is that he dared to have an opinion about Mac, and

  9. Oh, stop complaining, that's just some meager 6 days of downloading! Back in my days it took us that long to download a volume of manga, only to find out it wasn't translated.

  10. Whoa, this is a Christian subreddit, keep it clean! What if a child sees it??

  11. Super+Enter, Using control+alt only, the keys that are commonly used by applications for their own shortcuts, is just weird and begging for conflicts

  12. That's... Disturbingly accurate. Minus the blurfest, but that's the fault of the NN

  13. Same, 500th error. Shows fine if i log out, but if i log into my account - blank page

  14. It looks adorable. And, hopefully, a dreamland setting would let the developers come up with some creative upgrades and means of traversal

  15. Honestly, i'm not sure the corporate dystopia was really much better than living on a tropical planet, especially in light of fact that you get to keep our technology and level of comfort you're used to and not forced to revert to living as a primitive survivor...

  16. There's no indication of a dystopia.

  17. ... ... ... They literally tell you that you're gonna be billed couple millions for the resources you used on the planet for your survival, because every atom there belongs to a corporation in their opinion.

  18. Hmm, maybe it wasn't merged into the Chrome? Because it's still an issue on Chrome 102.0.5005.61

  19. Because the bases and doors in this game are actually pretty big, however the player FOV heavily distorts size in order to make the game playable

  20. That's not quite true, as you can see how big fish are while swimming around, and how big they are in player's hand. And there's no difference. And player's hand isn't distorted by fov, ergo other creatures you see aren't also

  21. I think the models they use for fish in the player's hands are different to the models of fish swimming around.

  22. But they are the same size. You can literally freeze a fish with stasis rifle, put another same on in your hand, swim right next ot it and see that both are about the same size.

  23. If you're ever looking for a high quality keyboard with a numpad, then I recommend

  24. What is that atrocity where Ctrl, Shift and Arrows supposed to be? My laptop doing the same thing is literally THE reason i got into mechanical keyboards, since this layout was 100% unusable for someone who has muscle memory of where the keys are supposed to be

  25. Your laptop probably has the arrow keys where up and down are half sized. If you really think the arrow keys from my picture are harder to use than regularly place arrow keys, then, no, not really. It's a little easier to reach even and the spacing of the arrow keys makes it easy to touch type.

  26. No, my laptop has this exact layout, except insert and del are switched places. And this is, like i said, the reason i had to buy a dedicated keyboard to use with it. Because when i needed to go up a line i insterd "1" into my code, when i needed to, say, open a file, i instead went down a line and inserted "o", and so forth.

  27. It does not. If you spend 2 hours whacking someone with a club as nord - you will be identically as strong as a breton or altmer who spend the same 2 hours doing it, just as you are at the beginning of the game. Where is in a normal RPG, like Morrowind, there are starting attribute and skill differences, to say nothing about classes

  28. The altmer are much better mages than any other race in Skyrim due to the extra 100 magicka, the rest can be said about Morrowind as well, a nord mage works perfectly fine as long as you build for it.

  29. Never set it to run in daemon mode, what’s the advantages?

  30. (I don't use emacs) but from what i know it's faster opening, as not only the main "guts" of the application are already in the memory and you're just launching a thin client, but it can/will also store your buffers in memory, meaning they are already loaded when the client is opened

  31. Sounds like a lot of die-hard terminal users. Enter 15 commands that take you 20 minutes to enter instead of pressing one button on a GUI.

  32. Ok, do this in "one button press in GUI": arrange 3 displays in the specific configuration. And i don't just mean automatic or "left-of" type thing - arrange 3 displays of different sizes and orientations, with pixel-precise alignment to make mouse flow naturally between them with how they are arranged physically.

  33. While i agree that the story is garbage... What "potential" is being wasted? Shipbreaker is a cathartic almost-puzzle game with no need for the story. It never had any potential in that department, so nothing is "wasted" by it having a shite story. One that you pretty much can completely ignore as it doesn't factor into the gameplay in any way

  34. The katatox poisons don't exist in real life. Parabola doesnt exist in real life. The red science doesn't exist in real life.

  35. All of them "might" exist, and we just don't know because we do not posses knowledge/equipment to interact with them (see: electricity, radio waves, radiation, etc). Monsters are different - they are material, we know for sure they do not exist, hence why i singled MA out

  36. You need some kind of special knowledge to use mirrors in FL - normal people can't just step through one and end up in Parabola, just like you can't do it in real world. So it would be plausible that you could, having the same skills, do it irl. KT would be less useful in absence of Neath"s toxins, true, but you could probably still apply some of that knowledge to Earth's ordinary toxins.

  37. No support for Arch? NordVPN binary in AUR would beg to differ!

  38. I love the intense lore-friendliness of most TES mods nowadays, but I do miss the absolute ludicrousness and lore-breakingness of the mods in the older games. Oblivion and Morrowind mods.

  39. Thomas the Tank Dragon politely disagrees.

  40. What's the difference between a jRPG and Morrowind? In Morrowind you don't use friendship to kill the god

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