1. all I will say is that since i did play cross duels prior (enough to finish the tutorial mind you)

  2. Well I think they'll gonna focus on master duel more now. I'm sorry for the three people that enjoyed this games, but it was doomed from the start

  3. I didn't enjoy cross duels but I did like the idea of a duel format using the ideas cross duels had.

  4. looks like we're gonna be under some bad weather soon

  5. People are really coping when they say this. Halq was meant to be generic synchro support just like verte was meant to be generic fusion support. The issue is they were designed for MR4 and are way too powerful outside of it

  6. let's not forget that a lot of tuners at the time had recursion effects that halq could enable very easily also ignoring the cough cough, accel synchro enabler.

  7. Nono, I didn't mean a Fieldspell that is a Fusion card.

  8. honestly that would be nice, helps with card legibility and it can still be treated as normal spell cards by the rules, just that it has a shiny new foil to make it clear this card is used to fusion summon. though poor every other normal spells which fuse.

  9. I know El-daddy isn't a big a pain in the ass as he was earlier in MD's lifetime, but damn this put a smile on my face

  10. I mean to be fair it wasn't that daddy was a pain in the ass, it's just that he was everywhere and you came across him so often that it became obnoxious.

  11. It was never him, it was always his buddy Ha Des and the Skull Servants on vacation

  12. it did not help that he frequented with them so often, also the guys on gozen match I believe is shi en and some other guy in the six sams lore.

  13. if I were to put it in the shortest way possible, then it would basically be anything that functions like a skilldrain for backrow so stuff like the hamon cont can actually hit super poly, magicians hand, obviously inf if it resolved prior and is on the same zone along with IO.

  14. Isn’t she… negative years old? Technically?

  15. well if we're talking chronologically then sure, but if were talking biologically then, wait . . .

  16. in general the animal kingdom does care if you canibalize the same species since you more often get a major debuff from it. but they wont care if it's a last resort.

  17. you know what they say, nothing beats eating your friends.

  18. What do you mean, power pro knight sisters is a normal set 2400 def with no downside! Overpowered!

  19. I mean that and they are promos, so them being UR is legit fair.

  20. I mean 2 of them are promo so I wouldn't focus too hard on them, arc is actually fair because of it's pendulum effect.

  21. I would be far more surprised if it turns out keiwa is the final boss.

  22. To be fair Meow-Meow-Mu could have no effect and would still be good, just because it's a Prank-Kids Link-1.

  23. that's kinda the reason why meow meow is so good, having an effect is the cherry on top of the cake for them.

  24. all of them point lower left and right, coincidence? probably yeah, not like those arrows even matter as much as their own effects.

  25. or your actor becomes way too expensive to keep around and he decided to actually act out his death in a movie.

  26. kinda wish that the traveler really was an allrounder, can use all weapons and has it's own quirks but the burst and skill remains the same.

  27. personally 2 options to erata can work, 1 is obviously give it a condition, say if you don't have a card face up on the field or no cards you can activate it. the other option is that your opponent can't activate maxx C as a response to a chain, it can be activated at any time but it must be as an ignition effect and not as a response.

  28. If one were to remove certain letters from Gentaro Kisaragi's name as written in English, and then rearrange them, it would say Trigger, which is a reference to Roy Rogers' horse. This alludes to the fact that everyone loves horses just as everyone becomes friends with Gentaro.

  29. let's see if that theory works, since this is based in japan kisaragi gentaro's name would be written somewhat like this: きさらぎ げんたろう

  30. a 60 card pile draws their 2 of every single time. that's like what? at best 4% chance?

  31. not a hopt? only condition is that the sum of levels are 10 from both hand and field?

  32. unless both are stationary the best option is to basically hug the sidewalk closest to the baby, maybe get your car tilted a bit on it and after passing (while trying to brake mind you)

  33. dude I am sorry, but you should stop lying to yourself. soitsu will just body you.

  34. You really don't need to save Decade until after the preceding 9 seasons. In fact, some people will argue Decade is better when you don't have strong connections to those shows

  35. well it is because decade is barely connected to any form of legacy story it really is just fan service and some fluff so you can blind watch and still decade.

  36. The wet dream of slow player in a nutshell.

  37. don't worry all you need to do is have fruit jesus powers to fix it.

  38. as a note the sheer inability from the splight player to be able to deal with 2 pops despite drawing 2 off C twice is what gets me.

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