1. No worse would have been Bell buying the game pass rights for Canada.

  2. That gives me flashbacks to hooking up the Atari to the back of the "giant" 22 inch tv in the living room with a butter knife after my dad fell asleep to game. He was certain it would blow up the TV for some reason.

  3. Oh I hated that connection, not being able to use both hands made those things a source of much frustration

  4. Not a chance, I’m not reliving that pile of fetid bullshit ever again. NVM on a loop for 24 hours

  5. Home Improvement would be literally re-living my life back then.

  6. Tucker Carlson is literally flatulence in a human skin bag.

  7. You don’t just randomly allow weed shops or you’re not making the problem any better.

  8. Except cities and municipalities do have the authority to allow / disallow them and dictate where they can be located.

  9. Because of my disabilities, I’m not my mothers retirement plan, but I help out where I can (mostly driving her to appointments and such)

  10. My guess would be the Oilers are making a move for Karlsson or Chychrun. Easier to get JC than EK but EK did well on McDavids line in the all stars

  11. Do the Oilers have the cap space for Chychrun (or Karlsso) because the most the Sharks can eat as I understood it was 50% of the contract.

  12. The Boudreau debacle was all on Rutherford and then his attempt to shift the heat from himself was an act of pure cowardice.

  13. Laying on a proper bed of nails is quite therapeutic and relaxing!

  14. This is Rutherford and the Canucks were talking about.

  15. So that’s what woke me up early this morning (condo in Mississauga) 🫤

  16. Hopefully they mailed these out multiple times. I almost never get my annual property tax in the mail, and everytime I go and ask for it, they try to charge me for an extra copy.

  17. That requires consent including an email address to send it to though.

  18. If interest rates stay the same NVM increase again, the market is going to have a nasty correction in the next six months to a year as the over extended investor landlords run out of cash & time at the same time.

  19. And both apps are shit, with SNNOW dropping to potato quality when more people are watching (absolute hell in the playoffs) and randomly logging out, and TSN having atrocious sound where you need to turn your tv up to full blast to barely hear it. And using your web browser instead for either one of them means you must allow third-party cookies so they can track you around the internet.

  20. I’ve seen the potato quality from SNNOW occasionally, but I’ve never seen the audio issue on TSN.

  21. Apple TV. Look up TSN Apple TV on twitter. It’s a long standing issue that goes back years. The fix is easy, but Bell just can’t be bothered. The issue isn’t there with air playing from the iPhone to the tv, but you shouldn’t have to do that.

  22. Ah, I use a mini PC attached to my AVR, so I’ve never seen that issue.

  23. Pluto.tv is now available in Canada and is free

  24. Lol so you believe any and everything the media tell you right? Fuck Ukraine

  25. Y’all like the taste of Russian shoe leather? 😏

  26. If this is an 8 by 8 deal, it might be the last deal that Isles ownership lets Lou sign if it goes bad 😏

  27. I would advise you to get some legal advice, there is specific legal clinic for small landlords in Ontario:

  28. I would suggest speaking to an employment lawyer.

  29. The problem is that governments have allowed housing to go from a basic need to an investment vehicle.

  30. Last I checked checks notes Bo Horvat never put a gun to Lou’s head and forced him to offer and sign the contract

  31. Ignore the problem and when a “self help” car theft victim ends up dead, then what?

  32. How could you put the Argos k\jersey next to the Ti-Cats one?

  33. I mean...don't these Japanese (assumingly japanese) artist have any sense of pride or passion for their work?? How can all these "artist" just piggy back and straight up plagiarize the same ideas over and over. They're all just sell out's, pieces of crap that unfortunately the community supports by watching these brain dead generic trash shows

  34. But the Ontario line station that exits into don mills is elevated. It’ll have to have either a elevator or an escalator.

  35. Try crossing a road when you have mobility impairments (sight & sound imparements too)

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