1. +/- 10 years ago I stayed at the Cliff Lodge the week before Christmas (was actually reasonably priced!) and we had an epic 18" day and almost everything was open. After skiing I was sitting in the roof hot tub and there were a bunch of people from NYC bitching about there being too much snow and it being too steep. I told them about this resort called Keystone in Colorado...

  2. The Centennial lift at Beaver Creek is like this. A nice option when it’s super fucking cold.

  3. BC did it for ski school to upload. You can take low level kid skiers on it to access teaching terrain off Cinch and Red Buff.

  4. The BMFs are 75mm bindings that fit NTN boots. Definitely the way to go if 75mm is your thing Definitely not NTN bindings.

  5. This is the fucking gospel truth. CO skier 90 tele days a year at 60 + years old. I skied a very long time on Cobra Hardwires, G3s, Linkins, Axls and then to NTN…..Rottis, Oulaws and now Bishops. Because Bishop didn’t want to pay Rotti the royalty to use the cleat which they apparently hold some sort of IP/ Patent on, they designed the Bishop to attach at the heal and in my well informed opinion it splits the difference. The way the boot “breaks” is very similar to 75mm where traditional ntn breaks under the ball of the foot. Bishop is a great binding and a great company. Hang in there. It’s a killer system though getting micro dialed on the springs and on the heel position is critical.

  6. As long as it’s not edge to edge on a catwalk it’s all good, skier or boarder. As for those folks that ride edge to edge on catwalks, especially moderately pitched long connectors, well there oughta be a law. All snarky joking aside, catwalks on my Colorado mts. are IMO by far the most dangerous places.

  7. I’m 5’9” 185lbs and skied the QST 106 in a 181 and it was a great size for me. Pow, bumps, carving. All depends on your ability but at a glance if you are a reasonably strong skier that length should not b3 too long at all. The ski skis relatively short.

  8. Socks are a diabolical epic manipulation by fucking Vail designed to empty our wallets.

  9. Oh man you’re in for some fun. EDIT: I own one and am CO based and thinking is the ultimate CO bike.

  10. The only areas I’d truly avoid, given what you say, would be all the difficult stuff off of north face, especially in low powder conditions. There are a few off of the high lift that I think are great, like headwall (especially if you ride it to skier’s right and avoid the middle cliffs, it often holds good snow longer than the main line) or Teo Bowl if you don’t mind the hike out. All the frontside black runs are moguls and/or icy, which is cool if that’s your thing. And like someone recommended to avoid Banana and Peel, etc., I’d agree that all the “couloir” runs off skier’s left of Silver Queen would probably not be your thing. There’s no mandatory air, but there are plenty of sharks in the water still. But tbh I love that sector for myself.

  11. Omfg yes! When I saw that I spent a min. thinking of the perfect response. Well played.

  12. Might help to tell your ability, terrain choices and weight

  13. No exaggeration. Flex plates tearing every 7-10 days. The main pivot rivets failed 3 times and two toe boxes.I’m in CO and other than flex plates I’d have to return the binding to 22D in Idaho and wait 2-3 weeks. I love the way they ski bit had to make a change. Bishop office is 5 miles from my house and when I have an issue (far less than Outlaws) I drive down there and they have been just awesome.

  14. Brutal. Literally the exact opposite of my experience with them. Were those OG outlaws or the outlaw x? I’ve heard the originals had issues with the flex plate and toe box but this is by far the worst I’ve ever heard. My original pair of x’s must have 300+ days of hard skiing, with zero issues. I did have a slick pin fail on a different pair, but I chalk that up to a weird hit on a hand rail while in the park.

  15. They were X's, though I also owned the OGs. Some tele styles, like low and very hard in the bumps are just not suitable for that binding. I've spoken with others who have the same issues. But I understand they work for many no complaints about the way they ski! I wish they worked for me.

  16. I have a 890AdvR and am 5’9” and am a newish 60 year old rider. I first lowered the seat and then did the kit. Bike rides wonderfully and fits me much better. I’m sure others will shit on me for this but I don’t give a damn.

  17. Amusing but he’s not stretching anything. Flexing? Yeah. Stretching? Nah.

  18. Can confirm Beaver Creek has the worst skiers. I was there over Christmas and fell and dislocated my shoulder and now I have to get it surgically repaired. There wasn’t anyone around or anything. And it was on a catwalk. I am just the worst skier.

  19. I saw you lying there on the Cinch catwalk and was gonna stop and help you but I was too busy trying to hold my wedge and was late for my lunch Rez at Allies Cabin so I just left you lying there.

  20. Old school. Julian Serrano, Jeremiah Tower, Alice Waters, Mark Miller, Nancy Silverton, Steve Sullivan, Hubert Keller. The fact that this list is Cali and Bay Area dominated is no accident.

  21. David Chang. Such a down to earth awesome guy that simply enjoys creating delicious tasting food.

  22. In certainly no podiatrist but would seem to me custom footbeds in the new liners would be a logical next step.

  23. And briefly at the Dylan and The Dead shows in the late 80s

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