1. whoops. so sorry. This is for the band....my bad. I love their music. sorry!

  2. Try your best not to get screwed over by your Finance. Had seen plenty of Guard dudes get boned because their finance wasnt paying all the amenities you should be getting. (COLA, BAH, etc)

  3. The OHA (overseas Housing Allowance) is calculated differently than BAH. In ramstein, you will need to get your place approved by the housing office first before receiving your oha. The OHA currently as of this month is €1180 +€600 for utilities. If your place costs £800 a month for rent/mortgage you cannot pocket the remaining €400, you will only recieve €800. The problem you face is that you cannot actually submit any type of request with the housing office until you arrive at the base. Even then it could take some time before they approve your request, and let's not even talk about how long it takes for finance to gain you into their system and start paying you OHA cola etc. Overall message I am trying to send you is be prepared. Call the housing office, contact the base directly and keep asking questions until you get the most up to date answers before making these kinds of moves. It is possible if you are persistent but remember that These processes can change in an instant. Good luck.

  4. Thanks for the info. Yes that's the gouge I've received. I'm in a unique situation though as I own a house (or will as it's being built) approx 2 hours from Ramstein. I'm curious how and who (NGB/ACC/USAFE) will pay for this as I am not Active Duty and its not an accompanied assignment. Ideally, I would have a small place place near Ramstein to stay and work while also having BAH or OHA whatever it is, for the house my family is residing in. I don't know if there is a distance in mileage that allows/authorizes this but that is what I am trying to find out. I doubt my small Guard base will have the answers either.

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