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Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Series Discussion

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  1. especially after the “I like to smell feet” debacle, it’s getting to be a little odd.

  2. I feel like that doesn't count tho? the whole thing was a bit and they made it clear when they said they had to 'think about the possible issues' they could have, so clearly it wasn't something that actually bothered her, but more something that was fun for the show. Idk tho, I could be wrong.

  3. Maybe i’m wrong but some of the early set up seemed to treat him like a creepy dude and potential villain, i was ready for the take down.

  4. I think in the books he gets sent to jail for it? And probably what happened was that the fans liked the relationship so much on the show they decided to keep it going lol

  5. Isn't there a scene where the girls find out all their phones have been set to constantly record?

  6. as it should hopefully they dont cancel because of discovery+

  7. The forced dialogue is what gets me… I feel like every time Tabby opens her mouth it’s a movie reference. And Spencer did quote a lot of philosophers at the most random times but it was never this bad. And just little stuff like “Basic barbie”🥴

  8. that basic barbie comment is so cringe omg, mouse really thought she did something there

  9. Some of the dialogue is a little odd. I mean, take this opinion with a grain of salt since I’m no longer a teenager, but I feel like at times it definitely feels like some middle aged person’s perception of how a teenager would speak.

  10. Roberto Aguirre Sacasa is involved in the show so that should tell you everything lol

  11. no because there’s nothing wrong with Farans character she’s just a nonchalant overachiever like Mona or Spencer…

  12. Its not bad acting, its cringe writing. For reference, the creator of riverdale is involved in this show so a lot of cringe is going to happen sometimes lol

  13. why was she even invited? she and ethan never had any beef, she never was part of the new bestie joke, she also didn’t seem to know much about ethan or h3.

  14. I dont think she is, but a lot of people are getting alison and emily vibes from imogen and tabby

  15. honestly i hope not, i was thinking i got some toby and emily on season 1 vibes from chip and tabby lol so naive

  16. I think they want us to think it's a man. I will def be watching to find out

  17. I feel like Angela is Leatherface and she survived but was too disfigured so she hid for the rest of her life and wears the mask to hide what she looks like. Yes it's insane but idc lol.

  18. Ethan has been trying to get her on the pod for a year now, what are u talking about lol

  19. I don’t think anyone believes this is a redemption arc for them? Part of the appeal is that they are not the best people. Nobody is trying to make a shrine for them lol

  20. Am I the only one that hates the prerecorded episodes? Like the thing with Oliver was funny, but it was just total chaos the entire time. It wasn’t a podcast at all.

  21. Probably they will have some kind of competition and maybe that it’s gonna be the planned bit? But everything else I hope is just them talking.

  22. I hope they don’t show is 10 minutes and paywall the rest. I have a feeling that’s a lucrative format though.

  23. I think they only did that with the jimmy lee and gary pod because I don’t think it would get much views. But this has tana, mike and jeff on, it will definitely get views and they wont want to hide it lol

  24. Jeff had his podcast yesterday and he said “tomorrow we’ll be on the h3 podcast” so maybe he and mike will go but tana will flake

  25. Yeah, you're completely right. I think they're all going to do the same thing with Tana like they did with Trisha. Ignore all the proof of her being shitty and say that she's changed just because she can have a laugh with Ethan on camera.

  26. I don’t think she claims she has changed, at this point I think everyone knows that tana is a mess and no one expects anything from her.

  27. But that's the thing. The way she manipulates her entire audience and gets out of everything is by having this whole thing where she says "omg I'm such a mess I'm so fucked up hahaha".

  28. Yeah I agree its pretty fucked up. But from what I’ve seen these past few months, I think even years, I haven’t seen her involved in anything shady so idk maybe she has changed? Or maybe she just dialed it down a bit lol

  29. She would've been pretty great for Frenemies to begin with actually. She plays the same airhead and narcissist role Trisha played without the crazy outbursts

  30. Yeah i feel like she has the kind of personality where she doesn’t want conflict, in a “pick me” kind of way lol

  31. Maybe a dumb question, but why didn’t thor wish for jane to be saved from her illness and not die?

  32. I think because he didn’t open the gate to Eternity, Gorr did

  33. I wanna know why did Joyce, Hopper and Murray go back to the prison for? I thought they were going to do something about the fact that part of the mindflayer was there but no 💀 they just killed the demogorgons which is fine but I don’t get the point of putting themselves in danger like that if they weren’t gonna do anything about the actual reason they went there for

  34. they were told by the dying guard man that the shadowy/particle stuff went inside the monsters

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