1. Hasn’t even been out for a full season and already complaining that no buffs or rework? Like relax? How you expecting a rework after 1 month like really?

  2. I’m pretty sure Ubisoft doesn’t give a shit ab grim. Most useless and uncreative op in the game

  3. It blew me away tbh. outstanding album and it’s my favorite atm!

  4. What do u guys think ab the new slipknot album?

  5. Aren’t xims like 50-100$? Most expensive mod I’ve ever heard of and all for a dead game too.

  6. “I want it, I need it, revenge is dripping from my teeth.” Such a cold line

  7. I think Craig and mick carried the album

  8. 2g of caffeine? He shouldn’t be alive tbh

  9. you can't really die off caffeine unless you take over 10g. this dude also took over 800mg every day for weeks in this period so 2g wasn't that much. I also feel like caffeine has a upper limit, anything over 500-600mg in one instance will do nothing but make you sick or have a headache. this is also why caffeine is such a great drug, you need to want to take too much to take too much.

  10. oh wow 10g will make you die?? I took 400mg of caffeine and felt like the world was collapsing with my anxiety and paranoia. guess I’m a noob to caffeine

  11. My friend said it’s a mix of throw up/ and Hawaiian Punch…

  12. Are you confident that carpet cleaners will be able to get rid of this? 😂

  13. I don’t see override talked about in this sub too much. Needs more appreciation tbh!!

  14. I sold mine for 300 back in 2016 -.-

  15. I could also control anyone’s drone anytime I wanted too. Also, it was in “spectate mode” when you played so therefore you couldn’t see your HUD, health, or button icons. Mics didn’t work either and I’m sure no one was hacking because no one was exploiting what was happening. All players noticed this too in the match and called it out in chat.

  16. I just got full into slipknot and don’t know the “drama” with clown and Corey. would you mind enlightening me?

  17. Well then completely ignore what I said. if you have a budget then this pre is great because 420mg of caffeine is A LOT

  18. Almost easy is good for beginners but a little tricky at best.

  19. I dunno where people are getting these shit quality leaks from bc the files I have are clean af and really well balanced

  20. In finale, Corey’s vocals sounded very far away for me.

  21. What I've got sounds better mixed than WANYK, is there more than one leak source? Because I'm hearing a lot of conflicting opinions in this sub in terms of sound

  22. caffeine in general can make you sweat more 🤷‍♂️

  23. Coming home guitar solo should be a pretty easy one but it’s a bit tricky for beginners

  24. yeah, yesterday I think. the mods are really getting onto people for it tho

  25. Can someone dm me the link please 🙏

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