1. Also he may have not have taught yu much but he made several champions with his teachings

  2. Yeah probably, but amputation is still far better than losing the leg outside of the hospital

  3. Mentall illness. I can relate to them, just no feeling for other people. Also their situation is probably a bit different from "going home and eating dinner" most of them are in the cartel and you dont really have a choice at that point anyway.

  4. I hate people and I find it more disturbing when an animal gets injured that a human. I also have extreme homicidal ideations, to the point where I’ll have a flash of an impulse to kill someone for no reason. I should go see someone but I’ve seen over 10 psychiatrists and therapists since the age of 7 and they all gave up on me and told me I’m fucked. Im now almost 28. This helps me get over the urges of hurting other people. I imagine I’m the one committing the acts of violence. I don’t fuck with rapists or child killers, or women killers though. That’s shit is disgusting.

  5. I'm up for an interview lol, just dont put in any of the names of the subs yeah?

  6. Seems like a really cool idea tho? Community of gore is very nice

  7. What are you a fucking doctor? You're the one giving us a diagnosis here fuck off

  8. i’m not sure. the video starts at him already being cut in half. it didn’t look like a stop off! probably a suicide

  9. Man i thought you'd just get obliterated by a train and die immediately

  10. Would you guys do what the truck driver did and sacrifice your vehicle, i seriou don’t see a gun btw I just meant crash your car to stop someone’s escape

  11. Well i dont own a vehicle, so i doubt i can know what it feels like to destroy one. But probably, dont own a gun but i would def cut him up

  12. "The demonic master's regression manual for Erectile Dysfunction" Good and funny read 8/10 126 chapters for now

  13. Am i the only one who finds both of these video's just fun to watch cus its funny 😭

  14. Personally, i started playing valorant with friends, made an NA acc for them and i never really got to changing to EU so thats just my main now. Started playing on EU a bit and i dont regret having an NA main

  15. Be warey of this. Some of these accounts are from password database leaks. You’re actually running into legitimate accounts half the time. Kinda scummy

  16. True that, but i mainly put this here because of the cracked games in the server. Also you're acting like cracking games and not supporting the develpors hard work isnt scummy.

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