Andrew Tate banned from Facebook and Instagram

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  1. Its not perfect here in Canada, but we have some cities with strong support networks. Toronto and Vancouver. Halifax is fast catching up.

  2. My grandmother’s family goes back to the early 1700s in New Brunswick. My father was born in Collingwood, ON, then my grandparents moved to the US, where I was born.

  3. Halifax is gay friendly. The more rural you go, the less it is sadly.

  4. Almost everything I write is a page one rewrite after the initial draft. Its part of the process.

  5. The whole system needed to be reworked. Capitalism is collapsing and our government is built around that system. We're fucked and conservatives are just speeding up the failure

  6. Yeah because those other parties will fix us right up… Id love to hear your genius solution to our health care issues without raising taxes.

  7. This is gonna blow your mind. I dont need to have all the answers, I dont need to know the fix in order to recognize something is a problem. If someone stabs me in the leg. I shouldn't need to know how to stitch, care and dress the wound to be considered valid if I look around and go. "Hey, there's a fucking knife in my leg, it hurts and I think we should do something about it".

  8. I live in Toronto Canada.This is frightening to watch happen. If anyone coming to Canada and is coming near TO and needs help. Ill do what I can :)

  9. I need resources. My family currently lives in Florida and we are so afraid for our future. Please. I'm literally begging for some way to immigrate to Canada.


  11. What kind of job are you looking for. I help people get started in my line if work all the time

  12. Good. People need to realize that the system we are in is fucked

  13. I started at 29. Heavily thining hair and balding at the front. Im 9 months in and regret nothing. So much hair has grown, my brain is seeing in color for the first time ever and I am so much happier. To be the person I always knew I was and have it represented on the outside is such a joy.

  14. Late stage capitalism at work. Like a snake eating its tail, the system is due to collapse.

  15. Who the fuck is criticizing her use of swearing about treasonous cunts.

  16. Interesting. Hopefully, this means companies will understand that infinite and ever-growing profits arent realistic and just stick with a healthy margin of consistent profit.

  17. I absolutely do. However I hate that their stories are used to justify harming trans folk and restricting their access to healthcare.

  18. So instead of funding the public system properly at a proper rate. They want to pay to privately owned profit seeking companies? This just sounds like its going to get super expensive. What one of his friends is on the board/gets a kickback from this.

  19. yes it is. Ive deen dealing with a lot more people giving GOP vibes and Ive heard a lot more old mention openly talking about how awful they think abortion is. Their are also vocally not a fan of my trans ass. The worst part is they always vote -_-

  20. because it vindicates a lot of what they have tried to communicate in the last 15 years and is backed by a voice that a lot of people trust.

  21. Not if they used the same rules. Their hero rules destroyed the game last time. But the idea of rank and file LOTR is divine.

  22. I'm in an entirely unrelated field but we have a number of really wonderful clients transitioning (maybe the wrong term, so my apology) and watching the ups and downs and turns they go through is agonizing. These are good, strong people having to walk on eggshells when they can see the end, but have to be "patient". Sucks to see, but one has made it through, and when the sun comes out, it's glorious.

  23. I posted this comment in the /Canada sub as well, but that post has been taken down, so I'll post it here too, because I feel it's relevant.

  24. Can you share your data on puberty blockers. Every person I know who used them is fine and every medical professional I know who works with them states that are safe.

  25. Report that doctor. There no excuse at any age. Go back or go to a walk in and get a referral to whoever is the nearest endo and get hormones from them.

  26. Medical intervention is already illegal under 18. This is British/American style anti trans nonsense

  27. So how many kids are doing this? I believe .001% of people are transgender. Am I wrong? That is a small percentage of people.

  28. It is a small group and no one can get medical intervention until they are an adult. This article is bullshit fear mongering

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