1. Along with what others have added, salting and burning a corpse whose spirit is a ghost doesn't send them to hell, it just severs the tie the ghost has to Earth so they can move to where they're supposed to be - heaven or hell.

  2. People talk about scary episodes and for me 'Bloody Mary' always comes instantly to mind.

  3. It was entertaining, but far from being the best episode (or one of the best) of all time in television history... which is a pretty big claim to make. It wasn't even (in my opinion anyway) the best episode of the series.

  4. It wouldn't just involve CBS and Fox either, Disney owns 9-1-1, so there's that to consider. Which network would it air on? How do you split the profits? Who puts in the money, or the most money? Who's in control? Who's going to write it?

  5. Dean talking to Sam about hustling pool:

  6. Yep, I posted a suggestion for Viewer Discretion Advised - especially useful for subreddits dedicated to true crime, horror, medical procedures, certain tv shows... where NSFW would suggest more explicit things.

  7. Lol they used the same character photos I used in my background! Just in a different order and with a different backdrop.

  8. No need to be snarky, I made a background with those 3 same character images just recently with an anti-possession symbol superimposed behind them rather than in front of them and with Sam and Dean switched in the image order. I just thought it was funny to see.

  9. That episode scared the shit out of me when I watched it the first time.

  10. Will this eventually allow us to schedule posts as the subreddit instead of as automod? Or reply to a comment as the subreddit?

  11. buck begins is a master piece of an episode probably one of my favorites why is it rated so low 😭😭😭

  12. You can create a free account with IMDb and rate it.

  13. Buck begins being the bottom begins episode is a crime.

  14. It's tied with Eddie's but I put them in the order they aired when tied.

  15. Still, he was not ready for such a relationship and it becomes even more sickening when we see all the issues Buck had because of they way his parents, especially his mom, treated him as a kid.

  16. While we appreciate the concern some people might have about this comment and their diligence in reporting it, the comment is not in violation of any rules including keep it civil.

  17. I dunno if there are plot reasons but I'm voting for a shirtless Eddie episode. I'm just going to go drool over here...

  18. It really depends on department policy but the reason an engine often gets sent out with an ambulance (assuming the ambulance is not a privately contracted company because that changes things) is so that if the paramedics need any extra assistance that requires heavy lifting (extra man power) or tools not available on the ambulance they have them there available and don't have to wait for them to arrive. They can also assist with any bystanders who might be getting in the paramedics way - accidentally or purposely.

  19. Same! I like to butter the bread before filling it with tomato sauce and noodles.

  20. Yeah I had to choose between a live Cowboys game and an episode I could watch on hulu next day... I chose the live.

  21. Exactly. The real test will be next week, ABC won't be airing the monday night game, they'll be airing The Bachelor instead.

  22. That's unfortunate because next week's episode being solely focused in FL on only two characters probably doesn't have as broad of an appeal as a regular ensemble episode.

  23. They may be hoping that the cliffhanger will be enough.

  24. I still don't count their conversation at the equine therapy ranch as them discussing the shooting btw.

  25. True, mentioning it isn't the same thing. Unfortunately most of the people with the age and wisdom to give him this advice are people he meets on calls.

  26. I just had people saying they couldn't find our weekly episode discussion threads which we sticky each week, I'm pretty sure they're sorting by something other than HOT.

  27. The discussion threads are stickied but for some reason Reddit only keeps them at the top if you sort by Hot threads, all the other ones can bury them. I do keep them updated on the Episode Wiki which has links to the threads.

  28. Thanks, I knew about the change from Henren Begins but not Pilgrimage, that needed to be updated on the Episode Discussion wiki.

  29. I just had a thought about the new guy at the Call Center... what if he's just meant to be the Gen Z character that May previously represented?

  30. Just the usual 2/3 parter on season opening I think. Just instead of the usual big scale disaster we got Athena and Hen's personal stuffs.

  31. Lol I think the real disaster is that Bobby and Athena's honeymoon keeps getting ruined.

  32. Ooh! Looks amazing! I love the one with the lighter font, but with the aqua outline. So good!!!

  33. Thank you! I have 3 versions of each now lol - the original shared, the much larger wing span and a more mid-sized wing span. I'll add them all (and some different resolutions of them) to that One Drive folder. I need to reduce some file sizes though.

  34. Absolutely amazing! One suggestion (purely a suggestion. No need to take it on board): if you’re looking for any kind of feedback, you could try making Castiel’s wing-shadow appear a bit larger, to make him seem more in proportion. That’s only if I had to suggest any improvements (which was very hard to come up with it’s so good).

  35. I did take that advice, the wings are much bigger now. I tweaked Sam and Cas a little and made 3 different versions of the title - the blue, blue and black (not as in your face), and no title. I might make different resolution sizes.

  36. Poor Hen. It was bound to catch up with her eventually.

  37. That was him? I remember hearing about that but I didn't realize who he was, I wasn't watching Supernatural yet and I've never seen his other roles.

  38. According to Chimney's drivers license he is a Libra - birthdate 10/20/1977

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