1. Dudes who prefer flat chests are homos or pedos there is no in between

  2. Lack toad in toddler aunt people when they see a block of cheese (it wasn’t even good)

  3. Good fucking god man why first Zac Effron now Simon what is compelling otherwise handsome celebrities to seek out the worst fucking surgeons to just butcher their face?

  4. It's probably fine. Both work chest and tris.

  5. Realistically you’re more likely pushing vertically than horizontally so maybe it’s for the best

  6. Other social media interacting: wild screeching, feces flying, blood flowing.

  7. Only a tumblr user could think tumblr is chill

  8. Anons will go to the police before personally talking to their neighbors because confrontation is scary. Classic frog poster

  9. They’re willing to try anything but improving the conditions for soldiers.

  10. I still remember when these fuckers were sold for 15.99 in mall kiosks

  11. I still rent but I have my dream truck my dream career live my life more content than ever before and still do this shit

  12. The frills aren’t what make you special, hun. The fact of the matter is you stand out with or without them ❤️

  13. Imagine paying $450 for a 20 minute Zoom call lmao 🤡 Absolutely finessed

  14. Fuck for that price I better also get whatever the fuck he’s prescribing

  15. I got a call earlier today from spectrum saying they were giving me a 20 dollar credit for a free week of tv to which I said I didn’t want so I think that’s what happened

  16. Thx. The second part makes sense, but I don’t think “go to work or we’ll shoot” would go over well.

  17. It absolutely would go over like a lead balloon for everyone involved especially Biden

  18. Not good boomer humor this is either “wife bad” or “husband bad” depending on who you side with

  19. bro thinks most of the people in this sub are joking

  20. Wait you mean to tell me that cock rating I got wasn’t ironic?

  21. No I just really hate Europeans but not enough to stop spending on bases over there

  22. 4.5 years ago I paid 100 (sale price) for Timberland Pros

  23. I’m pretty sure the quality went downhill since then. My brothers Tim’s don’t seem great at all, and he hardly wears them.

  24. Are they the OG tims or the pro model? I know the OG ones are aesthetic boots only

  25. This meme makes no sense. Putting gasoline on a fire makes the fire spread, but using that foundation to connect the dots between protests, UK, and China got me like 🤷🏼‍♀️

  26. I thought it was because Scotlands independence movement just got shot down lol

  27. That is the greasiest fucking pizza I have ever seen

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