1. I have a hard time deciding but I think I would go with penny sparkle actually lol, it’s just great vibes front to back. Although to be fair I’m just now starting to listen to their earlier work and I was surprised at how much I like it. Before I would have put 23 as #3 but that might go to fake can be just as good or self titled now but I think I need more listens.

  2. I thought it was fun while it lasted but ya it would be stupid if it was still a trend

  3. Does anyone else remember people calling it “dubious licks”? I found it so annoying it was obviously Middle schoolers trying to use big words

  4. This was the first thing I pictured as soon as I reas this lmao

  5. I found it hilarious, but that might have to do with me being Lalo and all

  6. We’re you one of those kids that would torture insects for fun?

  7. Björk, she was the lead singer for the sugarcubes during the 80s which was already a fairly popular punk band but the success of her solo album in 1993 and post in 95 far overshadowed the success of anything she did with the sugar cubes.

  8. LOVE this show but I did like the first seasons better

  9. Omg he’s the snitch! 😱 ask him when the album is dropping

  10. Some people might not be the best musicians, but they put so much emotion into their music that for me it's as good or even better than a perfectly performed song.

  11. Absolutely, Micheal Gira of Swans is a good example I think.

  12. Isn’t this the same Pokémon trainer that fucked a mewtwo?

  13. How do so many of you know who this artist is? I’m literally a gay furry who browses e621 every day and have never halted of them wtf 😂

  14. Call a doctor into the office and tell them I’ve forgotten who I am

  15. Incest, particularly parent and child 🤮 it seems to be so common too I don’t get it.

  16. Lots of food myths such as the food pyramid or the importance of drinking milk. No, your bones will not fall apart if you dont drink milk nor do you need to eat tons of grains everyday to stay healthy.

  17. They enforced the food pyramid upon us in elementary school

  18. I did once when I was little! I would occasionally have sleep paralysis where I would wake up and it felt as if my bed was rocking from side to side, but I knew it wasn’t actually happening cause the motion felt very strange, almost in slow motion. This was one of those and I remember the rocking was very drastic which you’d think would be really scary but for some reason it felt oddly comforting. I usually wasn’t able to see anything but this time white silhouettes emerged at the side of my bed, they were throwing light confetti over me as I rocked and as my vision grew clearer I could make out the warm smiling faces of angels. I think they might have made a “wooo” sound as they raised they’re arms to throw the light confetti lol. That’s the only positive one I’ve had, the rest were shadow figures standing in my room and such.

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