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  1. Sahi mein yaar ye Nepal team ne Khud ne Kuch ukhada nahi phir bhi inke fans chale he dusro ko troll Karne. Riyan parag level ka attitude hai Nepal team fans mein. Khud Kuch na ukhad pao aur phir dusro ko troll karo

  2. I don't hate parag just that he is yet to have a solid ipl season and still is aggressive. If you are aggressive but you don't back up with good stats you look like a clown. Virat Kohli was aggressive but backed his Aggression by scoring tons of runs.

  3. Kallis is a top order Batsman. He can't bat lower down the order. Klusener and stokes can

  4. This sub is becoming just place for blind hate towards Muslims and whole Bollywood.

  5. Tera pura ghar chalejainga-Tera pura ghar isme 👋 chale jainga

  6. Those 2 dropped catches off Taylor in a row.

  7. someone please give family friendly translation to this

  8. 80 hazar ka ballon khareed ghar chale jaye🗿.

  9. Duanne averages about 30 since his return and he averaged over 30 for his Kolpak side. Playing a pace trundler with a high economy rate is asking for trouble. Shardul Thakur already got his mythbusters episode and I reckon playing Olivier will go the same route.

  10. It was just one bad match for shardul though. He did well in Australia, south Africa and England in last 1.5 years. Olivers has been military medium since his return.

  11. While we're adding things, add royal super chargers blasters kings as well. IPL scoreboards ain't ready for AIMIMRSCBK

  12. Honestly they dont take it seriously. They just act to appear more civilized. And then the prospect of more money from WIPL will make them do it.

  13. Krunal pandya always been a legend.. I dont knw what u talking abt.

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