Succession - 4x10 "With Open Eyes" - Post Episode Discussion

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  1. Quality poster as well, although the 22" x 35" size is a bit odd to find a frame for.

  2. I enjoyed it in Dolby, I don't like the IMAX seats

  3. My theater recently renovated the IMAX theater with recliners. It’s so much nicer than the regular theater seats it used to have.

  4. The mom's reaction to you know what in Hereditary. It is an acting masterclass and how she didn't win an Oscar for this performance was a crime.

  5. This is the first one that came to mind. It’s heart wrenching.

  6. I’m the same way. I have a few webtoons that I’m subscribed to on each day of the week. It definitely gives me something I look forward to each day.

  7. I’m mostly bummed that Barry and Hank didn’t get to meet again.

  8. I think when Logan picked Shiv when he met with all of them to discuss it was his genuine selection. It was made at a point in time where he could be more pragmatic and take time to decide and seriously consider it with all of his options in front of him.

  9. The first place I went was the moon, but then I landed on the Interloper.

  10. There's gotta be a term for this collective psychological phenomenon that so many people who completed Outer Wilds have. Not being able to ever experience the joy of discovery after their first playthrough, and now watching other people go through the game to get the crumbs of that feeling again.

  11. We’re like Nomai statues pairing with a new space traveler.

  12. Part 2 of the supercut where he plays Echoes of the Eye and completes the main game.

  13. I hope we get to see Elysium in the next game. Imagine if the opening of the game is Aloy venturing there.

  14. He also owes her. He’s only in charge now because she was the deciding vote.

  15. So much was said in this moment. The quiet gesture of offering his hand to her. Shiv on auto response placing her hand on his. But absolutely no warmth, effort, or energy being put towards each other beyond that.

  16. Ken abusing Roman with the shoulder hug was intense. It’s the kind of abuse Roman would complain about getting from his siblings growing up. Roman is so fucked up because he becomes subservient to the abuse. And Ken is so fucked up for drudging up his abuse of Roman as a tactic just to to assert himself as CEO.

  17. Is it just me or is the camera extra shaky this episode?

  18. This is also because Rashta was covering up abusing a bird that the emperor gifted to his then wife. Rashta has always been pretty terrible, abusive, and a selfish idiot.

  19. I bought these when they came out years ago. They released editions like this for both the first and second seasons of the show. I have both of them.

  20. If there is ever an update of Sailor Moon as a movie or a new show, I really hope they remove Chibiusa’s crush on Mamoru. Also update ages. Have both Usagi and Mamoru in high school. Maybe Mamoru is a year older than Usagi, so he leaves for college during her senior year.

  21. In the manga, they are a couple years apart. She's in junior high, and he's in high school. Why the 90s anime made him a college student I'll never understand.

  22. Even in the manga he was a bit older than her. She was a freshman in high school when he leaves for college, which is still a pretty big age gap at that point.

  23. I haven't read that many yet, but my wife and I argue over whether Subzero or Reunion is worse. I personally find Reunion to be less tolerable.

  24. Subzero started off interesting, but this new season has completely lost my interest.

  25. There’s Love Hidden in Lies is the worst one I have read so far. Not sure why I kept reading it. The ending was especially bad too.

  26. If you have headphones plugged in, unplug them.

  27. This worked! Thanks! So strange that it is somehow caused by the headphone being plugged in. Glad you figured this out.

  28. I loved the finale! Here’s a few things that I have been thinking about.

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