1. Far less annoying to fight against than the old Jorm, even if he does have easy knockdowns and whatnot now. Being bash spammed into the slam over and over again was just blatantly infuriating and I'm glad that of all things is gone.

  2. "Dad, why is my sister's name Daisy?"

  3. I don't think that man has ever played a video game in his life.

  4. Honestly it's a kinda good change. Makes it harder to take down, and makes it focus less on self-healing (which made it infuriating to kill sometimes)

  5. I recently started playing and instantly noticed the summoner meta, I've refused to fight any teams in Arena with Yarrick. Unbelievably happy the devs seem to listen and are very down-to-Earth. Well done, fellas!

  6. I mean it was.. Not even a full project yet. It was still in the beginning stages and clearly something didn't work out.

  7. The witch king is the first Nazgûl, so it’d be kinda odd for him to say “I resisted,” which, from game lore, was not the case at all. In book lore, there was little mentioned about it other than him being easily corrupted.

  8. As far as I know Witch King was also a Numenorean, the majority of which were corrupted into servitude to Sauron, meaning he indeed fell pretty fast. Isildur is probable because of the ring, which might suggest their spirits now being bound in a similar fashion to Celebrimbutt.

  9. He did the job he was paid to do, and he figures if Jack ends up destroying the IMC, that ain't his concern, and he gets a new client and the IMC won't have data to blackmail him with if they so choose.

  10. Cassidy is less a cowboy mid-range gunplay character at this point and more of a "roll towards 200hp characters, fan hammer, grenade"

  11. "In this next patch, we're gonna make Gryphon utterly unplayable, Kensei unable to dodge in high skill games, and Highlander even more awful. Oh, also, we're gonna see if we can make Lawbringer complete bullshit to fight against..."

  12. Lawbringer changes were out of left field man, why does that finisher spam exist. I know of no one who asked for this

  13. The only thing Law mains have been begging for is hyper armor and feintable bash, and I wouldn't be too averse to seeing hyper on the heavy finishers, but all the rest of this was so unnecessary. Nobody was asking for a full rework, they were asking for upgrades.

  14. For those who are unaware, this is probably the least intimidating thing anyone could theoretically say.

  15. It's ironic, saying something like that in an anime or action movie sounds badass, but in real life will make you look like the most incomprehensibly stupid asshole in the planet.

  16. I've always loved his execution simply for just how absolutely visceral and violent it is. The sound effect also doubles up on itself sometimes, making it massively loud even with volume way down. Hilarious.

  17. "Other people spend money on stupider things than this"


  19. If Limbo wasn't so careless with his rift-hopping, definitely him. The dude literally basically owned an entire dimension and can control reality, not to mention effective immortality from being able to swap dimensions.

  20. They do it to prevent the loss from showing up on their profile, but considering no-one cares and you can't look at other people's stats like that, it's totally pointless and they're missing out on EXP and Steel.

  21. Bastion mains knowing the enemy tank is a Rein and saving it for the exact precise moment he rounds the corner.

  22. They also vanish when placed in room corners now. I'm convinced Respawn is just trying to slowly make him unplayable.

  23. In the end, one's life is measured by how much money you've given to zealots.

  24. Even with Legion and Scorch having gigantic health bars, batteries only restore like 25% of the bar. That's a LOT of healing.

  25. They do that to a lot of heroes by changing or removing core features of their kit ex conq. And why am I getting downvoted?

  26. Conq's playstyle was becoming outdated as the game continued to be updated. He's still a constantly-flailing madman, he just has more defensive options now.

  27. I can understand that. It's a bit busted. How is new conq more defensive tho? I can also bring up the new jorm rework. Sure it's more effective but it's too different. It's not the same hero and he lacks everything that made jorm fun

  28. Jorm's kit has been two things: Frustrating to play against if you don't know how to counter him or if they bash spam, and pretty terrible if you're a Jorm player against someone who DOES know how to counter him. Mostly everyone agrees Jorm needed something, and they're editing it as we speak to make Jorm hopefully something most will like.

  29. This comment section is a mess of words. Someone answer this question in simple words:

  30. What kinda shitposter do you take me for? Oh, hey, someone left a lemon meme in this ash tray!

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