1. It’s been fantastic. Get some really good coconut oil & have fun!

  2. Saw this show at the Meadowlands, In my top 3 shows of my life.

  3. Really cool panels you've made! Can you provide any details on how you go about printing these? Do you own a massive printer? Just curious.

  4. Before I Wake (2016) (Hallway Scene): 01:19:33-01:20:08

  5. Well, now I know what I’m doing for the better part of today…

  6. I'm in pretty much the same boat!

  7. That Maileah was the one that started it all for me last Christmas-ish. I had never heard of “EDC” before its Amazon reviews, and went gleefully plummeting down YouTube rabbit holes. My wife saw it on the kitchen counter and asked if she could have it, so I gave it over of course and got an Elementum. Now I’m 15-16 deep and rolling… Cheers!

  8. Carpet spikes on linoleum? There’s a decent chance you might damage that floor, I’ve seen people use little discs with an indent in the top to accommodate the spikes on hard floors but I have no idea where they get them.

  9. Solid wood floor. Spikes do leave an indent, but easily fixed with a little filler and a sanding.

  10. Sorry man, I completely left out in my comment that you have a really nice speaker setup there’s for sure.

  11. LOD makes a sliding roof rack that’s pretty cool, super spendy tho.

  12. Oh wow that is pretty cool… there’s a friggin snowmobile on it!

  13. For sure! I wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  14. Try plugging the ATV directly into the tv and see if it populates DV, at least then you’ll know if it’s a receiver issue. If that works and you don’t have more than 5.1 you could just use optical back to the Denon for audio.

  15. Curious on this as well. We hit the Omni in Katy before Covid and it was amazing but has since closed.

  16. A Couch shaker - it’s a device you connect to your couch frame, and it vibrates in sync with your subwoofer l. It’s an absolute game changer. It feels like your whole room shakes when the bass goes BOOM!

  17. I came here to say this exact thing. The only thing I hate about them is that I didn’t find them till about 3 years ago. For real one of those “where have you been all my life” kind of moments. Total game changer and worth every penny. I even have put them on my living room couch too!

  18. My buddy had the same problem. What he did was put a wooden board and mounted that to the bottom of his recliner (to the metal frame), then mounted the shaker to that wooden board. That seems to help with distributing the vibrations through out the recliner! Hope this works for you!

  19. That’s exactly what I had to do. Tell your friend if he ever gets a chance to have them mounted on a regular wooden framed couch they will blow his mind.

  20. FYI, academy will beat advertised prices by 5% from these online retailers Amazon (excluding items sold by a 3rd party, via Amazon), Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Carter’s Country, Champs Sporting Goods, Dicks Sporting Goods, Eastbay, Fanatics, Gander Outdoors, Hibbett Sports, Kansas Sampler, Rally House, REI, Scheels All Sports, Target and Walmart (excluding items sold by a 3rd party, via Walmart).

  21. But amazingly enough, I was recently told they don’t match prices on Academy.com

  22. You can always shop on academy.com and do pick up in store! That’s how I’ve been taking advantage of some of their deals (which don’t apply to ammo) like 20% off your order.

  23. Yeah I hear you, just cray that it they won’t match there own prices.

  24. Honestly I didn’t do the testing on anything else as I finished up the movie late and was more ticked off due to it happening and my brain automatically jumping to conclusions that expensive gear was broken. I will test some stuff on my own today, appreciate the responses though.

  25. Most likely the source you’re streaming from. I have the same issue on Sling, horrible audio quality if you have an aftermarket sound system, but tv speakers it’s just fine.

  26. I did the same thing and got a universal one from Harbor Freight.

  27. Butter has a lower melting point, so it liquifies in the oven faster, giving you a crispier cookie when my goal is a soft one. Shortening helps keep it soft while the butter is there for the flavor.

  28. I don’t recall the amount of time but my brother makes an AMAZINGLY soft chocolate chip cookie by putting the dough in the fridge for a small amount of time (I don’t recall, maybe 10 min?) before cooking them and it causes the butter to solidify a little bit & not cook as fast causing a soft finished cookie.

  29. If it’s plugged into the headphone out of the TV, you will have to turn up the volume on the TV to 90 or 100%, that is now regulating the input volume to the amplifier. Because you have a plug into the headphone jack it should disconnect the TV speakers themselves. Just be careful because when you unplug that headphone jack from the TV the TV speakers will be at 100% or wherever you left it at.

  30. You can get the gasket material on Amazon, just search for “grill gasket”. But also get some high temperature black grill RTV gasket sealer and go around all the seams for your firebox and where the firebox connects to the smoke box. I have an Oklahoma Joe’s with the same set up as yours, it was an absolute nightmare to maintain temperatures because it leaked so bad. When I would throw wood chips in that thing it would just puke smoke out of every where. If smoke is coming out, you can guarantee the air is getting in and that is affecting your ability to maintain intake and outletairflow/temp setting. After I sealed up all the seams and put gaskets on the doors it was 1000 times better.

  31. Chili cheese burrito at Taco Bell. (Originally the Chilito)

  32. What is this! A Rollercoaster for ants!

  33. I just throw the back in as soon as I turn the machine on and walk away. Doesn’t everyone do this? My Joule has a setting for it. You push a button before it’s up to temp and it tells you that the timer will start as soon as it’s up to temp.

  34. Yes sir you are correct, for this it would not have mattered one bit. I guess that would only come into play on something that need a specific amount of time.

  35. One time I tried the 13 minute egg, otherwise I don’t think I’ve ever cooked anything that took less than an hour and it’s almost always more than 2 hours. I’d much rather have it take 5 mins longer than have to remember to come back and turn the heat off less I break my Joule.

  36. Yuengling is my go to “regular” beer.

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