1. Butter has a lower melting point, so it liquifies in the oven faster, giving you a crispier cookie when my goal is a soft one. Shortening helps keep it soft while the butter is there for the flavor.

  2. I don’t recall the amount of time but my brother makes an AMAZINGLY soft chocolate chip cookie by putting the dough in the fridge for a small amount of time (I don’t recall, maybe 10 min?) before cooking them and it causes the butter to solidify a little bit & not cook as fast causing a soft finished cookie.

  3. If it’s plugged into the headphone out of the TV, you will have to turn up the volume on the TV to 90 or 100%, that is now regulating the input volume to the amplifier. Because you have a plug into the headphone jack it should disconnect the TV speakers themselves. Just be careful because when you unplug that headphone jack from the TV the TV speakers will be at 100% or wherever you left it at.

  4. You can get the gasket material on Amazon, just search for “grill gasket”. But also get some high temperature black grill RTV gasket sealer and go around all the seams for your firebox and where the firebox connects to the smoke box. I have an Oklahoma Joe’s with the same set up as yours, it was an absolute nightmare to maintain temperatures because it leaked so bad. When I would throw wood chips in that thing it would just puke smoke out of every where. If smoke is coming out, you can guarantee the air is getting in and that is affecting your ability to maintain intake and outletairflow/temp setting. After I sealed up all the seams and put gaskets on the doors it was 1000 times better.

  5. Chili cheese burrito at Taco Bell. (Originally the Chilito)

  6. What is this! A Rollercoaster for ants!

  7. I just throw the back in as soon as I turn the machine on and walk away. Doesn’t everyone do this? My Joule has a setting for it. You push a button before it’s up to temp and it tells you that the timer will start as soon as it’s up to temp.

  8. Yes sir you are correct, for this it would not have mattered one bit. I guess that would only come into play on something that need a specific amount of time.

  9. One time I tried the 13 minute egg, otherwise I don’t think I’ve ever cooked anything that took less than an hour and it’s almost always more than 2 hours. I’d much rather have it take 5 mins longer than have to remember to come back and turn the heat off less I break my Joule.

  10. Yuengling is my go to “regular” beer.

  11. Probably the rocket launcher.

  12. I was going to say maybe nitrous? For when you want to get the top up or down REALLY fast, no time for messin around…

  13. I’m in the TV business & I don’t think any of the major brands are better at longevity than each other. I believe it is luck of the draw and what you have for power at home. I’ve seen mega expensive TV’s die in the first year and I’ve seen the cheapest TV live outside on a patio for a decade with no issues.

  14. Not if you are improving the sound. What is happening without any traps? What are you trying to do to the room sound?

  15. Not 100% sure yet. There’s a lot of empty wall space that I’m going to hang some panels on to help with the reverb. But that’s it so far.

  16. Problems occurring at the the rear walls (corners) - behind the speaker - can be partly mitigated by moving the speakers out from the side and real walls and up off the floor. Those rear corners mostly get their energy form reflections off the wall in front of the speaker, and to some extent secondary reflections form the ceiling and floor. Partly the reason theater floors are sloped. Non-parallel walls are helpful. Absorptive / dispersive wall in front of the speaker can be used. Check out this ridiculous extreme paying attention to the ceiling geometry. -

  17. Thank you, I will check all of that out!

  18. You can also using a toilet paper tube to suck it out, vacuum makes me nervous!

  19. I have been told by Sonos reps that all of their speakers are now “moisture resistant” but I believe this is more for like bathroom humidity, not outdoors.

  20. Came here to say the same. I would get it if I could but man it makes my stomach hurt & then I’m miserable for the movie. I’ve learned to like it without the butter, now whenever I taste the buttered stuff if find it to be way too greasy.

  21. I’ve been told it’s the insurance. You said it yourself “do you have any idea how much steel tip dart players drink eat and tip?”. It unfortunate the idiots that have too much to drink and think it’s funny to throw a dart at their friend and hit them in the eye or even someone else, the bar gets sued, insurance goes up and no more darts. At least that’s what my bar owner friend told me when he had to take his dart boards down, insurance went way up because of the darts.

  22. In 20 yrs of league darts, I’ve never seen a dart thrown at a person. Trust me, we’re all aiming at the trip 20

  23. I’m not arguing with you, I agree. This is just what I was told.

  24. Truth is, it could be an input or an output. We need more info or a bigger pic. What it’s on? If it’s an amplifier or receiver or something that powers speakers it’s most likely (but not 100%) an input. If it’s on a source or endpoint device like a Blu-ray player or a tv than it’s most likely an output.

  25. Pretty much my life on the 2nd week of bi-weekly pay.

  26. I'd leave it. You don't want the power in the exact same spot as the mounting hardware and the TV will certainly cover the recepticles.

  27. Came here to say the same. If the outlet and low volt box are centered to where the tv will be you will never have access to it. If the tv is big enough that the edge of the tv will cover the 2 outlets I’d leave them. The only thing you’ll have to think of is which side of the tv your inputs are going to be will dictate the length of the cables you’ll need.

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