1. Are you being funny by using “cause” instead of because…like making a literacy joke, like ironically?

  2. No I’m using informal language cause it’s reddit not a legal document

  3. The word you're using "cause" is "a person or thing that gives rise to an action" but you're using it as shorthand for "because" and ironically if it WAS a contraction for because then it might actually be something you'd find on Level 2 of the OECD literacy assessment. But it's not a contraction for because, or for any word for that matter, so I don't know, maybe you WOULD be considered illiterate by the test.

  4. Yeah, I think everyone other than the criminals themselves wants criminals to be punished

  5. And then people will have a cry that there is a muscular looking man in the women bathroom

  6. Didn’t a school have a school shooting drill and left a trans kids out of the shelter cause they couldn’t decide if they should be in the male shelter or female shelter

  7. its legal in australia to let ur kids have alcohol so tgats not much of an exception ( idk the exact rules but i know its legal)

  8. I would say parents should help if they can, but don’t buy it for them.

  9. What are you talking about? If the child performs very poorly on the exams, then the parents would simply be required to send them to school. Of course, whether the child has learning disabilities should be taken into account.

  10. So you oppose a curriculum cause parents should be able to decide what to teach their kid

  11. Not everything you learn in school you end up getting tested on..... do you seriously need to be told this?

  12. When people say femi-nazi, terfs are normally the ones they are talking about.

  13. But even if they dont believe trans women are women, why do they hate male feminists?

  14. in completely unshocking news the arrest of donald trump didnt happen this week as predicted and moved to next week

  15. I have the german Keyboard and my English autocorrect is super messed up. It’s definitely trying to use German for some autocorrect and it’s driving me crazy

  16. Yeah thats what i think is happening. But i have had a spanish keyboard for like 2 years and its only been an issue in like the last week.

  17. Any sensible country/company likely has a policy about minimum number of hours between shift.

  18. Eh, I just figure if I tip a bartender I can tip a barista. They do generally make a living wage at Starbucks, but they’re treated badly by management and customers. I only tip like $.50-1 per drink, nothing wild.

  19. So you are tipping them to make it worth while for them to stay and be treated badly?

  20. Baristas are competent adults who can make their own choices about their employment. If I want to thank them for doing a good job, that’s my business.

  21. Yeah, if it is 100% a optional I don’t have an issue with tipping but it’s not, there is social pressure and an expectation to tip them.

  22. How can a rea sign annoy you? Like are you talking about ones on your lawn? Or just driving past one on the corner?

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