1. Why.. WHY.. WHYY DIDNT I BREAK HIS LEGS!? (Professor about gunter running away)

  2. They were a lot LOT easier to get and you could get one for 15k -20k gold but the drop rate has changed and is anywhere in between 1/10,000 and 1/30,000+ I haven't checked the auction yet but after reading a few online forums they're selling for 52k gold.

  3. If it sells. Pet sellers will sell random pets from Slands paragon boxes for 50k if no one undercuts them.

  4. Yeah, I mainly get them for myself, I love collecting pets and mounts, not sure what to do with the dark whelplings though.

  5. As a starter storage solution, pretty much any container is fine - glass, plastic, cardboard, round, square - eventually you'll start having preferences! In the meantime, don't spend too much money on storage solutions and just repurpose old baggies or jars or anything :)

  6. Was tossing up between generic walls upon walls of the drawers, 3d printed or in chests of drawers etc.

  7. You might want to try building from these jars for a bit before committing to buying more jars - I say that only because I can see some downsides to this solution (limited storage space, hard to retrieve parts). Make sure you're ok with that before you sink too much money in!

  8. It will definitely be interesting to see how it works. Since we bought the house I've wanted my dream of walls upon walls of shelving with some sort of storage for them. Space definitely isn't a concern but thankyou for pointing this out! I've always been short so regardless I have to use a little step-stool.. lol.. I just have to work out measurements and how deep I'd possibly want the shelves. Money would only be used on the shelving as people keep saving the jars for me!

  9. ..less than a minute.. I'm not sure how much water it holds but that's one powerful pump!

  10. "Doooooooooor!" Close the glass sliding door behind you. (That leads outside) We live in rural Western Australia and you don't want bugs or snakes in your house. Sometimes the door bounces back when you close it so you have to double make sure and if you don't and someone catches you... "Dooooooooooooor!!"

  11. I've done this more times than I'd like to admit, I've tried to make a habit of after each autosave I have a quick glance at the traffic overview. Last night one of my metro tunnels and a car tunnel were blocking each other backing both up. Be careful with anarchy lol

  12. I like the texture pack you got on it is one of my favorites 😍

  13. Thankyou! Mine too! Always keep coming back to it. So simple and crisp

  14. I have a 10 gallon tank and would love to do this with one of my monstera but I would have to remove the lid completely. Have you had any issues with having no lid? I worry my Betta would jump out of the tank

  15. Get a digital thermometer. You can pick them up on ebay for pretty cheap. I also have a glass one as contingency.

  16. Thanks! How long can his tank be unheated for or will it be okay to use till it arrives? :)

  17. I know the feeling, I recently got a new friend too. Corn looks gorgeous!

  18. Thankyou! He's still settling in, got him not even a week ago! Certainly has some character to him. Someone suggested Mapleleaf and I absolutely love it!

  19. Awwwh Mapleleaf is a good one! His cute tail reminds me of a pepper. Something like Serrano or Peri-Peri would be adorable.

  20. Serrano and Peri-Peri are both such well suiting names! But the winner would have to be Peri-Peri, My partner absolutely LOVES Peri-Peri hot sauce so it's perfect!

  21. It's been just over a year since we lost our last Betta. We moved into our house roughly 6 months ago and after leaving a toxic workplace I've finally started feeling happier and making changes here and there. Came across the fish tank and decided we needed a new friend. Saw this guy and knew he'd fit in well. A little feistier then Remmie and has absolutely gorgeous fins. :) He doesn't have a name yet so any suggestions are welcome!

  22. Yo!! Mine looks EXACTLY like this too!! Two separate plants but apparently the same :o

  23. My partner and I live two HOURS away from a lot of our friends. Once a month we have them over for the weekend, we don't expect anything from them and happily provide whatever. I wouldn't even think about asking them for money. Those "friends" of yours sound incredibly greedy and selfish.

  24. A few hours late but the video of the male nurse raping the patient as she was literally on the table having a caesarean to their first child. Not to mention the other nurses were videoing it for evidence I gather? Just watching him do it.. Whole lot of messed up, still makes me uncomfortable thinking about it.

  25. I have one of these marvels. Came in 8460.

  26. Scrolled to find you! I had this too! My first crane that started my collection

  27. 1/1200 chance, good luck my dude, update us when you do finally get one, I believe in you.

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