1. How'd they restore the blood on the 3DS version? texture pack?

  2. I beat this game a lot of times. I still play it every now and again. I go the same route everytime, though

  3. This is one of those oddly specific things that you don't realize is overwhelmingly common until you see a post like this. Why did we all do this?? This very specific delusion that an inanimate object is somehow aware of and cares about how we feel about it?

  4. we assume machines have feelings. so when we pretend we don't care, we think the machine will get angry that we're not angry and try some sort of reverse psychology stuff and load faster thinking it'll make us angry. get it?

  5. Legends trilogy is much better than reboot raider trilogy, imo.

  6. Why hasn't anyone rotated this image yet? I hate feeling like i'm tilting my head slightly to the side when reading these.

  7. They're good games. just not good "tomb raider" games.

  8. I had a TV set just like that when i was a young lad. then it started fucking up and we switched to an HD projection TV.

  9. Y'know by the end of Dread Samus's DNA is so fucked up she can probably pull a Jurassic Park and change sex at will, meaning my futa_samus folder is lore-accurate.

  10. Some weird little blue spiky guy runs from the left side of the screen to the right and jumps.

  11. Don’t cold turkey an antidepressant. The side effects can be brutal. Taper off slowly instead

  12. I've only taken 3 so far, so I wouldn't think it'd be that brutal, right?

  13. they also probably think autistic people look like or act like those little kids who scream and misbehave. or maybe they think autistic people look like people in wheelchairs who can't fend for themselves or speak properly.

  14. tried it. it ran even worse. Screen tearing and all.

  15. Fun fact: SNES games like super metroid; their original aspect ratio was 8:7. So a 4:3 is actually a stretched image in some cases.

  16. But some games compensated for this. For example Chrono Trigger's native aspect ratio was 8:7, but there's a moon that appears as a tall oval at 8:7, and looks like a perfect circle when stretched to 4:3.

  17. The paper and text makes me think of the briefing menus on Goldeneye 007 n64 game.

  18. So the person just sits on the side and plays? I'd put a chair in front of the screen instead.

  19. The Letter W is actually a sideways Z with an extra zag

  20. People will probably throw fits over a White sub-zero, though, lol.

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