1. I like this theory and definitely think Dr. Stone is a killer, but I would love it if there were three killers. So Ethan and someone else maybe, idk.

  2. I feel like Jill is the most shocking but I guessed it in advance. I barely remembered Mickey and Roman before their reveal so I could say them. Mrs Loomis was also unexpected, in the sense that I never saw coming she was Billy's mother.

  3. Exactly. Felt the same about Gale's line "that's why I'm gonna shoot you in the e- head" until I found out there was another version where she said the F word

  4. Seeing this made me realize how wild a cop and a doctor both being Ghostface would be 💀

  5. I feel the same when rewatching Scream 5 honestly. The first watch was cool but when you rewatch it several times you notice how flawed it is. But the motive is the absolute worst. I'm hoping the motive is very solid in 6.

  6. The Scoobies cared about Anya and vice-versa. Their relationships were surely flawed but they all did so much for each other over the years, we can't act like they didn't care about each other.

  7. They should have punched Xander in the face => Yes, but he never seems to get much karma for his actions during the whole show unfortunately

  8. For real. I feel like Scream 3, who is the lowest part of the franchise from my pov, is more clever than like 90% of all the slasher movies

  9. So Dermott is Detective Bailey, and Liana Liberator is his daughter? Well now we know she's a victim since he previously stated that he was the father of a victim!

  10. Let's keep in mind Dermott said he couldn't say how and why his daughter was a victim. Maybe she's attacked/hurt by Ghostface but not killed (or at least not early on).

  11. She shot Amber when she came back and therefore saved Sam, Sidney and Gale

  12. She was the only interesting, funny and compelling "Stab actor" character the movie had

  13. Hmmm and Dermot did say back when he was announced he had to watch Scream 4 & 5 to prepare… I found that interesting🤔

  14. Sam's mental health will probably be a big part of the movie, but I just hope they stop the hallucinations.

  15. I think it's a terrible idea because most people watching Scream 6 will not necessarily be die-hard fans like us and wonder who tf is she

  16. Could be anything, from Ghostface being a single woman for the first time in the films, a past survivor, a cop or even three killers

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