1. Hot Toys historically does not do a ton of reissues or remakes of past figures. There has to be extreme demand, high potential for sales, an anniversary or event, and/or improvements that can be made to create a vastly better version.

  2. Just checking, were the issues with the figure disclosed to you when you purchased it?

  3. Thank you for your reply. First of all, this is so stupid of me. I'm always meticulous before buying things but this time, I got excited and forgot to ask about the condition of the figure. I was under the impression that all of them were never been used, plus it's a legit store. I guess I learned my lesson.

  4. It’s alright; happens to the best of us. Sorry the issues weren’t disclosed to you. But at least you know what to look for and what to ask about in the future.

  5. When opening him up I was surprised he was so short! 😱

  6. I haven’t done the swap yet but I bought ankle peg extenders to make him a bit taller. Very easy mod. Others have already done it and it’s a huge improvement.

  7. Just pointing out OP did specifically say Tamiya spray paint which are typically lacquer based and not enamel like off the shelf spray paints.

  8. This is a good poll. The results were in line with what I expected. Very interesting to see.

  9. Not specifically for such a limited time showing, no. It’s barely a blip as far as events go.

  10. Nice people. Very reliable and they package up items very carefully.

  11. Would really just be down to personal preference and the kind of display someone wants. There’ll also be people who get both.

  12. I couldn't agree more! I guess it's just people's preferences whether they like Hayden Christensen or Sebastian Shaw behind the mask (even though we didn't get a full Hayden face sculpt)

  13. Vader DX Ultra Deluxe Special Edition with Mustafar Throne and full Hayden sculpt plus bonus Palpatine hologram.

  14. I really appreciate the scene in TBOBF where Din is down but Fett is trying to help him get back up like in your first photo.

  15. That is exactly the moment I was trying to represent!! I agree with you hands down, I love the dynamic between them and the brotherhood they have. Cant wait to get my hands on the new versions of Boba and Mando

  16. Definitely recognized the moment right away when I saw your photo so you did a solid job capturing it.

  17. Congratulations on your first Hot Toys figure! Good to see another Scout Trooper fan; one of my favorites as well.

  18. Yh for the current toppers out there the only ones I’m interested in so far are Shoretrooper squad leader, Rogue one style stormtrooper, 501st trooper, 20th aotc clone trooper (might wait for a clone captain in coming years)

  19. Great choices! Definitely recommend getting a 501st as soon as you can before prices climb further.

  20. Or Battlalion, depending on your name plate.

  21. While I don’t think it’s necessary to pay off a figure early especially without knowing when it’ll actually be delivered, I would imagine you’d want the Arena Fett squared away since it was so limited.

  22. Classic suit gives the most flexibility for displays I think. Hard to separate the MCU suits from the films they appear in.

  23. I’ve been collecting Hot Toys from 2011 and while there have always been a fair number of figures released per year, I think their concentration on just a few core licenses has made it feel more like a cascade than a steady trickle depending on your interests.

  24. Thank you for the great answer! I am mainly a star wars fan. Bought Mysterio because I think it is a awesome figure and comic character. Now I'm constantly thinking hm what would look good with my Mysterio...

  25. No worries! Which figures have you picked up so far? Any plans for what to get next?

  26. I have the 85 Bd; I just picked up black panther (literally this week and the new one was announced today) and winter soldier (killer Bucky with the good hair, winter soldier). I had the mark 47 previously and loved that figure, only sold it as I sold the rest of my spidey figures. Still torn to be honest, mainly because jack sparrow is such a solo display piece; I have limited space and sparrow takes up an entire detolf cube and has no companion pieces I can put with him. Where as 46 can have any civil war figures with him

  27. It’s a tough call. The Mk 46 is the only Iron Man figure that survived my second MCU purge and I love it. I had the entire Civil War lineup and they do all look amazing together, I agree.

  28. Little update; sold my ps5 to keep dx15 and still get mark 46 :) don’t use it anyway

  29. Good call. I appreciate that you’ve got your priorities in order, haha.

  30. Yeah, the shoulder pads are the giveaways lol.

  31. Sculpted hash marks = on the right-hand side of the chest armor is an easy tell as well.

  32. I actually thought about your post and our discussion when they were both announced.

  33. Truly the Clone hero Star Wars deserves.

  34. I think this was the right call. Good design choices all around with this figure. Feels like a proper tribute to the legacies of both the character and actor.

  35. By the way I already emailed Sideshow customer service and they told me they had no more replacements available! So I’m just trying to see if there’s any home remedies or solutions.

  36. This figure has been out for a while. Did you get it from them recently like from the waitlist?

  37. Hey! Yeah I’ve had the figure for about a year now. I just noticed today the seam coming undone somewhat and decided to hit up support just to see if there was any chance of assistance. I wish my pictures were better. Cause the seam is more noticeable whenever I bend the arm.

  38. Gotcha. Yeah it’s still unfortunate these things can happen and I’m sorry it’s happening to yours.

  39. Yes, you can feel comfortable buying from them site unseen.

  40. The best Boba Fett is whichever you like the most. There hasn’t really been a bad Boba Fett figure.

  41. Truly the gift that keeps on giving…

  42. It's not like I don't want a signed hot toys, but if it truly is $350 ughhhhhhh idk. This will be my first signed hot toys/1:6 scale figure ever and for it to be Morbius and I can't open the figure. I just don't know

  43. I can’t believe I’m in a timeline where I’m giving advice to someone about a Hot Toys Jared Leto Dr. Michael Morbius which is a very real figure.

  44. Your collection, your rules. If you like Shoretroopers, get them!

  45. tvnr says:

    I just realized the shoretroopers’ plain brown pants bother me a lot. They look like a glaring oversight compared to the rest of the outfit. Something should’ve been added to fill that gap, whether it’s pockets, thigh armor like stormtroopers, etc.

  46. I think the pants make sense personally as a byproduct of the Shoretrooper sharing their uniform design with vehicle crew like the Assault Tank Driver, Tank Commander, and AT-ACT Driver.

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