1. SOPA was a lot worse than the RESTRICT act. This has broad bipartisan support, including from domestic tech companies. The accusations levied against RESTRICT are about how vague it is.

  2. I really hope there is a big movement against this bill. Even if you agree with banning TikTok or the current administration, this is too far reaching! Think about the long term implications if there is an authoritarian in charge.

  3. steam reviews are pretty bad 8gb vrams are cursing , my 4gb vram gona shit in running menu screen only.

  4. unfortunately 8GB VRAM is fast becoming obsolete on PC as devs pivot to current gen consoles.

  5. After hearing about the firing of defense minister Gallant, hundreds of thousands went to the streets all over the country.

  6. Why are there no videos of French/Israel protests, riots and police violence on reddit frontpage? weird.

  7. Tbh empress is getting on my nerves. I have a feeling she didn't even crack denuvo for hogwarts legacy, I've heard a lot of people say its just because the prelaunch version didn't have denuvo or the newer version of denuvo. Also she's become an annoying person all in all, talking about a cult and truth and all that bullshit. Just crack games, no need to beg for a thousand dollars to have some slaves or some bullshit.

  8. Look man, I was just saying we need to look for better crackers or those that seem to have some potential and then boost them up. I'm sure there are others in the scene who might at least give a try at cracking denuvo, if someone's able to, we should boost them. That's all I was saying, no need to be a pretentious 🤓 about it.

  9. So exactly how to you intend to "look for better crackers" and "boost them up" ?

  10. If a non-western country had such strong protests for weeks the western media would be all over it nonstop and western governments calling for respect to democracy.

  11. The big “but” to the argument that geopolitics will drives unfettered AI development is that China has the deepest cyber theft program in the world. Any advances in the rest of the world will become advancements for China without proper security measures.

  12. You really think Five Eyes doesn't conduct Industrial espionage? lol

  13. Probably a great development for Intel agencies across the globe tbh... Apple us a US company, and they absolutely do work with law enforcement occasionally, but they seem to care about privacy the most and their devices are pretty fucking secure if set up and used properly, afaik- more secure than any other mainline brand

  14. Ten years ago Snowden revealed NSA has zero-day exploits on every smartphone, it would be a mistake to assume they cannot listen in any device today

  15. Chat gpt has never been correct on anything I’ve ever asked about UE to the point where I google instead

  16. I just think the biggest issue is no plan to bring any if the dlc to console. I have the game on pc but generally prefer couch gaming on console. I’m annoyed as bought on ps5 and only realised later that loads of stuff I’m used to like silos etc won’t ever be coming… can’t get a refund now. Just assumed they would be bringing a ‘game of the year’ / ‘complete edition’

  17. Of course the DLC isn't coming to console, it doesn't have enough ram for it. The full game uses over 24GB ram on the PC.

  18. There are discords that share mods nexus won't allow...like half of them

  19. As a young-fifties, this article fills me with anxiety. Truly hard to read.

  20. Perhaps shooting yourself is preferable to suffering in nursing homes, i mean whats the point...

  21. Because its a video game, and your character murders 1000 times more people than him, hypocrite :facepalm:

  22. The Energy Department concluded with low confidence that they believe it came from a lab. So did the FBI.

  23. Research could take decades to determine a disease's definitive origin, for example SARS 1 took two decades. It may also never be determined, plenty of viruses' origin remain unknown. What I find really funny is how people can deny covid while calling it a bioweapon at the same time.

  24. Yeah, I forgot that one but its certainly another mechanic introduced that goes nowhere. It was painful because I got so excited. I remember thinking "yay, a stealth mechanic reminiscent of the old Potter games" and then it proceeds to negate itself and never come back.

  25. cut content everywhere. another example, seb wants your ancient magic to cure anne but never brings it up again.

  26. Someone doesn't know history. HSBC was founded to support British imperialist activities in Asia. It's a UK bank.

  27. You can also get the people booster things (forgot the name)

  28. it doesn't increase much speed. I simply modded the airships to unload faster.

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