1. Anyone who stopped watching Severance after the first episode because it's "slow" or "boring" should read this review of the finale. The series is labelled "thriller" for a reason.

  2. I stopped watching after E3 because I'd seen more than enough of Dan Erickson jerking off Sam Esmail and David Lynch to last a lifetime.

  3. I thought they cancelled this.

  4. Greeeeeaaat, an already too long story will be made even longer with 10 minute scenes of people sitting on a sofa talking to each other.

  5. Ford was going to present a solution to a "problem" that didn't involve the same old graft tactics? Get outa here!

  6. You have shit taste, you should be ashamed of this

  7. Really? Because, seriously, I'd be embarrassed to confess I actually watched that much television.

  8. why in the world haven’t you watched bcs s6 yet

  9. Cuz I haven't seen s1-5 either, and only ever saw the 1st episode of Breaking Bad.

  10. why is any distaste for boring sex scenes am immediate association with being a prude?

  11. 8 seconds. Just 8 seconds of Alfie thrusting. And with no boob or ass shots to boot. Who gets bored in 8 seconds? It's not like you had to sit through a Fellini marathon or something. Sheesh.

  12. me. i get bored. and to say that 6 episodes only had 8" of alfie thrusting is just a plain lie.

  13. clearance is very important for a production. you have to have the rights to things. an old painting might technically be public domain, but whoever owns it still has some rights around it, potentially including reproducing it. you can't just use whatever you want in a movie/show, sometimes even public art. you need to get permission (pay for it) or make your own props.

  14. Yeah I feel like the general consensus among the fanbase was that that was the intention of the writing. Why didn't you buy it?

  15. She wasn’t seeking absolution… she was basically bragging about one-upping him.

  16. So how many other strangers has Daphne bragged to over the years? And it's still a secret?

  17. The only thing Ethan is worse at is his inability to communicate his needs. Frankly, I don't even think he even knows what those needs are, so dependent as he is upon routine to get through his days… and his marriage. Work has made him, but a marriage involves more than just being on time and meeting deadlines.

  18. Isn’t The Expanse not a prime original though? I thought they picked it up from another network.

  19. Correct. Amazon did not produce the show; just picked up streaming rights from Alcon, who produced all 6 seasons.

  20. As a queer person who has an MA in studying queer media (so this is my bread and butter), I LOATHE the recent return to "good gay". I understand more than most how deeply our demonization of queer people runs, from the villains of the 40-60s to the tragic 80s figure during the AIDs crisis. I understand years and years of shit representation has made us crave better depictions. But the issue is "better" shouldn't be synonymous with "good". Who the hell wants to watch or read media where every queer person is a tax-paying, morally upstanding woke citizen? Better representation means complex depictions of queer people. And it means them having the WHOLE range of characteristics that straight characters have. Messy, toxic, or downright evil included.

  21. This was lovely. The dummy had me cackling. The Roiland cameo was fun. We are so grateful to be alive to witness these hackfrauds at the pique of their powers.

  22. Peter Piper piqued a peck of pickled pepper; A peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper piqued. If Peter Piper piqued a peck of pickled pepper, Where's the peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper piqued?

  23. You wanna turn this into the Love Boat? Should Mike dig up Charo too?

  24. I think it's the weakest of the series, but I voted for it any way.

  25. Am I the only one getting Dinner des Cons/Dinner for Schmucks vibe from the Jennifer Coolidge/gay guys scene?

  26. Considering E5's salacious ending and seemingly everyone here itching to see corpses I was thinking

  27. Put pointy ears on him and and he'd make a really cute elf.

  28. So … … what part about the "cel" in incel is tripping you up exactly? The not having sex part, or the not having sex part?

  29. Portia is a "bad girl" trying to be a "good girl". The role gets her down sometimes.

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