AITA for what I said to my daughter in law?

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AITA for telling my mother in law my toddler will not be going with her on a vacation she planned without asking?

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AITA for wanting my adult step-daughter (18) to move out?

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  1. Your actions and words will ENSURE your daughter in law never feels comfortable enough to consider inviting you into the delivery room. Why fight over rules that don’t mean ANYTHING because the woman isn’t even pregnant yet?! You have no say in how they raise their future children or any input in the rules they give out in order to have a relationship with their babies. You raised your son. That was your role. You’re done now. YTA.

  2. First, that’s not meddling. Second, I know you said you’re cool after all he said and blamed on you but this… is KARMA! Ha!!!!! Love to see the universe play her fun little games. Third, maybe his ex fiancé should stop calling her partners ex wives to complain and just not let some other guy impregnate her!!! You are a scapegoat in this situation. You did nothing wrong but casually stand up for yourself. Anyone telling you otherwise should not waste their stuuuuuuupid breath. Nta

  3. NTA. What a pathetic man raised by a pathetic woman. What does he even need a vacation for? Must be sooooooooooo hard watching YOU go through the trauma of growing and birthing a baby. Poor little man! P a t h e t i c.

  4. The “huge issue” coming out of your concern for your friend is not your fault but that of your friend who’s talking shit about you for asking why she has to always be drinking. Also who is she talking shit to? Anyone listening isn’t worth your time because drinking VODKA when you’re supposed to be watching your THREE CHILDREN at a WATERPARK is disgustingly irresponsible. Letting someone know you’re there to help should they need someone to talk to when you notice their unhealthy use of alcohol is never going to be an easy interaction but it’s nice to do because sometimes people need to be reminded that help is just a conversation away. The world does not need another drunk driver and it sure as shit doesn’t need another drunk driver with kids in the back. NTA. Make a new mom group with better moms if they’re enabling this kind of behaviour.

  5. NTA. Being childless has never justified hating children. Those are two separate concepts. One is a respectable life choice and the other is pathetic. Being decent to a kid is not hard work. NTA for taking care of your niece and NTA for asking your husband to be nice to a toddler.

  6. ………you outed her over some flowers and you’re not sure if you’re in the wrong or not? Everyone is right. You are heartless and you do suck. You should have never pretended to support her because you don’t. No one with genuine love and support would out a loved one. Homophobic trash. YTA

  7. Dude. I’ve been going to therapy for years. Please stop copying me. It’s embarrassing.

  8. At the end of the day they are not your children. He sure does love his children’s obsessive dependency towards you for a man that is so “overprotective” of his kids. You need to put your foot down and set boundaries. Love these kids all you want but you are not their mother. Why are you making all these sacrifices? You are your own person and it’s very unhealthy that you can’t escape raising/caring for someone else’s children for a little while to watch your sister get married. NTA

  9. I think you should ask her why she needs a room in a house she no longer lives in more than a child with nowhere else to go? Does she live far away? Is she not confident in her relationship and thinks she’ll need to move back?

  10. But Tyler is a deadbeat… he’s tired of the flip flopping? What happened to him wanting the baby? Flip. Now he’s been with someone for MAX. 6 months and he’s ready to abandon what he once wanted for this new person? Flop. Deadbeat behaviour. Dave Chapelle gets cancelled on the regular for saying his own jokes. You thought you’d be luckier than the creator of the joke? YTA

  11. YTA. I feel so sorry for your husband’s kid (I don’t think you should consider yourself a stepmother because you are no mother figure). I hope one day you wake up and open your eyes to see how disgusting you are for not supporting him. All you had to do was show up. Couldn’t even do that. The least you can do is not invalidate his existence, his struggles, or his identity.

  12. NTA. I would reimburse her though, just to help with the sting of not being allowed to go to something she worked for. What she’s planning on doing is what you would expect young people to be doing at a festival but she’s just a kid. She can go sneak all the alcohol and molly into concerts when she’s an adult.

  13. You should have used your words to communicate that you don’t want his random silent visits instead of hiding away. It would have been a really hard conversation to have but it’s a lot easier than swallowing the pill of being rightfully called selfish and cruel. Would you have turned your niece and nephew away should you have known there was an emergency? That it wasn’t just one of his weird visits? If you told your brother in law to stop coming by then maybe he would have stopped coming by. It’s a bit of a boy who cried wolf situation, for sure, but you’re a grown adult and you should be able to set boundaries and your failure to do so has put you in a situation where YTA.

  14. So he belittles your career AND takes advantage of you AND sits on his ass all day? He’s the whole package! But it’s red. And it’s not a package at all. It’s a flag. He’s a red flag. NTA. I know next to nothing about you but I can tell you’re far too young and successful to be with a loser like him.

  15. Why should she tolerate people making fun of her family? Just because their insults about her brother were meant to be taken as jokes doesn’t mean she has to laugh. Good for her for being comfortable in her skin enough to stand up for her loved ones. A loyal sister. Love to see it. YTA

  16. You’re already looking like a bad mom by calling your daughter a freak for wearing black and ripped tights. If the only person with an issue over how your daughter dresses is you then YOU are the issue, not your daughter’s clothes. Go get a doll to play dress up with. Ivy can dress herself. Also, let her dress ridiculous!!! When you look back at old versions of yourself do you absolutely LOVE everything you wore? She’s going to have awkward phases and you have to let her because that’s what growing up entails. Awkward moments. Bad haircuts. Everyone needs an origin story. Personality building stuff. Let her choose how she wants the world to see her. YTA

  17. Nta. Maybe you would have been if he noticed on day 1 but not a month deep. If he wanted to die on that hill then he should have discovered it earlier. I come from a culture that pierces ears before parents figure out names! A lil shave is the same as clipping nails to me. Is there a risk? Yea but it’s fine.

  18. Are you EXPANDING your family or are you REPLACING your stepdaughter with baby no. 2? It’s feeling a lot like the latter. If you don’t have space for the second baby then go buy a new house or close your legs. YTA

  19. You did nothing wrong. Your friends lack a spine to confront service people or something because get this controversial take: customer support workers can be in the wrong. A Karen makes unrealistic demands of workers. You asked for people to rectify a mistake on their end. That’s literally their job and they were banking on you playing stupid to save them the extra work because how come everything was solved once they saw you had a brain? Nta.

  20. So you’re being overly sensitive but the man upset he didn’t get to order for himself is justified in his feelings? What an insecure lil fella. His masculinity is THAT fragile? Embarrassing. NTA

  21. YTA. Are you helping them to help them or to get your baby fix? You SHOULD be making them dinner and leaving right after so that they can have their time together as a family without the added stress of chores. Just stop. Focus on your own family that you want to expand and your own life and let your sister enjoy her baby without you breathing down her neck.

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