1. Spend time outdoors at Zoar Valley, Chestnut Ridge, Whirlpool, Devils Hole, 18 Mile Creek to name a few. If you’re into walking/hiking trails use the app AllTrails.

  2. Your future contributions will go to C and S funds. The past contributions that have been made in the L fund are still there, just not being added to anymore.

  3. Elmwood Village, Allentown, Canalside, Hertel Avenue, Delaware Park, Roosevelt Square (downtown), Outer Harbor, Tift Nature Preserve (on the outer Harbor). Those are all free to at least walk and browse through! Lots of shops, restaurants, events in those places too! Welcome to Buffalo :)

  4. I assume you are the number one supporter of universal healthcare, funding public schools, social programs, housing, and more since you are so incredibly concerned about the unborn and will continue to worry about their health and well being once they are born? Doubt it. Fuck off with that bullshit.

  5. City buses or ride sharing are the closest thing you’ll get. Unless it is a hotel that provides a shuttle.

  6. There’s no buses to the stadium on weekends. The closest you can get is the McKinley Mall + 1 mile walk.

  7. Good to know then. I shouldn’t have assumed we had decent public transit to the stadium.

  8. Lennox Grill has good wings and is close by. Big beer selection but they are not a brewery. Only problem imo is no outside seating.

  9. Seems that even though interest rates are rising the lack of inventory remains an issue. Prices are still high and offers are still going over asking.

  10. Got it on a sweater at the show in Toronto last night. The back says Good & Well - Caamp

  11. Wonder if 10% will be enough, but considering the uncertainty in human life it makes sense not to over save

  12. This number is all relative to your income and what you would like to have in retirement. Having said that 10% at 21 is an awesome start! You can always increase that as your income grows.

  13. I'm fine with the Red Helmets as a throwback option with the 90's uni's for a game or 2, other than that, let the Red Helmets be.

  14. So in theory I should be fine as long as I keep on top of the other ones.

  15. You don’t need to use your first line of credit anymore if you don’t want to. Just keep it open to keep the credit history. If it has an annual fee make sure to pay it.

  16. Gene McCarthys, Swannie House, Gabriel’s Gate, Lennox Grill, Bada Bing to name a few.

  17. Wonderhouse Coffee, Overwinter, Tipico, Undergrounds, Bean Bastard, Remedy House should all be a good start in the city.

  18. No they are suburbs 🙄 Gabriel’s Gate is popular for their wings, in Allentown. Also Allen has plenty of restaurant options.

  19. Swannie House and Gene McCarthys have good wings. They’re close to downtown. You could walk if you don’t mind walking a couple miles from where you are or it could be a short drive/Uber.

  20. Our sister agency is scalping our best COs and Supervisors.

  21. That’s way too big of a workload to keep things straight and get contracts awarded within a reasonable time.

  22. I’ll believe it when I see it at this point. ECHDC is and always has been a joke.

  23. Hopefully they chose a developer that can actually follow through with their proposal in a timely manner.

  24. Yeah absolutely. Here’s to hoping someone other than Doug Jemal can win this and make it happen. We need to have more developers investing around here.

  25. I think you’re overthinking it. It’s just a catchy slogan for pennants, murals and clothing.

  26. Supervisor and agency mean a lot as an 1102. Lots of opportunity and they are needed in every agency.

  27. Public is top notch. The coffee, crullers and bagels (made by bagel jar) are awesome

  28. Which venue is hosting the conference itself?

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