1. Really bro? Just watch it when you come back my God j thought i was a nerd.

  2. How long does plastic last? Every plastic thing I own has gone to shit in 5 years. It gets brittle, cracks, smudges.

  3. Also, how do you know who's a "true professional"? They probably looked online or something for local contractors, picked one, and got this. So pick the next one on the list? What if they're even worse? There's no way to actually tell until they do the work for you

  4. True professionals are very hard to find. But using companies like home depot is easier to get a refund, new product, etc. You send that image to corporate and it's a game changer

  5. That's not right. I wouldn't do that to my own job.

  6. Body parts flushed down there before you. Take a good sniff. Does it smell?

  7. Unfortunately it's not. All transactions count for the 1099 - transfers or purchases. It's cumbersome and silly.

  8. You say you have to report it. But the point of reporting it is to be taxed. Are you saying they are going to tax me on crypto I purchased? Or you saying all you have to do is report it and not pay any tax?

  9. I don't know what the tax ramifications are, just that the IRS requires it to be reported:

  10. Right but you could have bought bitcoin in 2020 not sell or buy in 2022. Now you don't have to report anything.

  11. I have a good way out of it. Tell them they pay for the removal and can build 5 feet onto your property.

  12. Right, and, depending on how long the fence has been there there might be grounds for adverse possession.

  13. No one is fighting for possession. The new owners want that mess off their new property. If it was built on neighbors property by momma, she gotta remove it.

  14. In this case you don’t need to early cash out you can hedge your bet by betting the opposite way in the last individual fight! Usually it’s about 50% of your potential winnings of the parlay .. that way you’ll win close to half your parlay either way the last fight or game goes!

  15. Wait how does that work. Let's say the parlay win would be 500 bucks but I'm at 250 and no cash out.. Both fighters are -105

  16. The atf do about 5 forms a day. They don't do anything but drink coffee and bullshit all day

  17. 7500 and fly with friends, show them your whole suppressed set up

  18. I think so. I paid some guy $10 to let me sit in it for the picture. I don’t even think it’s his plane.

  19. Had a chance to take it for a spin yet? It seems like this thing is really the only option for the x-five so might pick one up myself.

  20. Not yet. My silencer is at the shop. I don't think I'll try it until the atf releases it to me. Probably sometime in September. The store said I can try it at their range but I've been lazy lately lol

  21. Yea I need a tub even if I barely use a tub.

  22. Great I and just bought a fuggin obsidian 9

  23. If the expansion tank fails and fills with water it could snap the piping and cause major failure.

  24. Lol you need 200 lbs+ to break that fitting. There's currently about 90lbs of pressure on it now and it's not budging.

  25. The weight of the tank will put lateral stress on 3 separate connection points.

  26. Lol the tank is empty. It's full of pressurized air. Even if the balloon inside popped, it's not going to break the pipe. It's not heavy enough.

  27. Lol damn I guess I can't order a grenade launcher like I can ammunition?

  28. That means 600 days if you compare it to their 90 days crap.

  29. Did your gun come with a different spring? Is it stronger? It's not an oil problem if it racks fine while using the slide release. Make sure it's the right ammo too but you said it works fine with the side release. Could be she's not racking it all the way back cause of the spring.

  30. I thought you were always standing on your screen. Regardless of host. For example, I'm standing on my screen. You join my room you're standing on your screen, but in my screen you're sitting.

  31. For an eForm4 your dealer is the transferor, so it will not be available in your ATF eForms profile

  32. Can you not still call and ask for the status of a pending form 4? I have not done a Eform 4 yet, but previously you could call and get the status of a pending form whether its a 1 or 4. The number to call is (304) 616-4500 just have your form information handy. All they can really tell you is it was received, approved or denied. Nothing really beyond that.

  33. I'll wait a few weeks. I literally just certified 2 days ago.

  34. Here's my experience on it. I can barely tell the difference between the two. The master sounds exactly like the cd does. The hifi doesn't. Hifi is not cd quality no matter what anyone says. I've tested it with dru hills intro sound on hifi compared to the cd. Cd wins. I tested master with a cd I have, I can't tell those apart.

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