1. Yeah, like I said, you'd put Olorime on the tank instead.

  2. I will level with you, I don't know know, like not 100%. But since we have been talking I looked up "stam healers" and yes once again I am saying that in air quotes from your A typical ESO'tubers like Nefas & Alcast & they all trended that way. SO I made a semi educated assumption. :/ *shrugs* If I'm wrong, I will hold my hands up & say sure, I was wrong. But people do have a habit of following these ESO'tubers build guides to the letter.

  3. Since stamina healing is very off-meta, hardly any popular content creators are pushing out updated builds. ESO-U has a build from last year, but that's not using a resto staff or many magicka skills. Arzyel is the only build site that seems to have an updated build, but it calls itself a hybrid build and is using a destro staff. I don't really care for either of those builds anyway.

  4. I suppose part of me is still mega but hurt about things like them taking away Major Fracture from Sub Assault though still. Well that and I'm but hurt to find out PA is nerf compare to Olo & SPC these days, which I do reiterate wasn't always the case & obviously but hurt there is no new Major Courage sets... You get the point lol. My entire eso lifetime went from playing mag healer to playing stam healer, being pissed thet cut utility so feeling forced back to mag healer then I quit.

  5. Last I checked it wasn't feasible.

  6. If that is the case, that is kinda sad. I just wanted time to pass when I talk to NPC's. So I can actually feel like my character has been talking to someone for an hour, rather then mind linking & sharing information with the person in the blink of an eye lol

  7. It's tied to menu stuff, you'd have to recode a ton of stuff to work around it even if you did figure out how to technically make it work. There's a FO4 mod that makes time continue moving while you're in menus and it completely breaks everything, apparently.

  8. Interesting, I wonder why such a simple feature is so technically dificult. Ether way thanks for the info

  9. The 4th button is so that you can switch between different presets of 3 spells, if that makes sense

  10. That is very useful information thankyou. But still doesn't make sense for the M&KB side of things as the only thing the MMB seems to be used for is entering bow zoom lol

  11. I have not found a Tree that will grow everywhere, below are trees/plants that will grow where you may not know about

  12. That's extremely strange that silk will grow at Squires Knol considering it's a Snow Biome crop. Personally I think the restrictions on what can grow where is too strict & there should be a way to create planters to grow foreign crops just at a slower rate. it vexes me to no end that I need to have like 10 different farms all over the place. Especially when I have already spent hundreds of hours building a nice place for me & my friends to live & to place NPC's.

  13. Increasing Ranger weapon force can go two ways. (1) for bows place attribute point into DEX, (2) If players primary weapon is the throwing or hand knives then place attribute point into STR. Many of the Ranger armor sets are set up for Outlaw/Assassin type player using the hand Knife or throwing knifes. In Ranger Lv 29 Plunderer Set, the arms are +120 melee Damage STR.

  14. I haven’t played in a while. I just went into the game with my Assassin character and tested the throwing knives also. They did not scale with strength or the strength potion. Throwing Knives scale with DEX. Sorry for the bad info.

  15. No worries. Just wanted to reply with my test findings so anyone else wondering the same questions as me would have the right info :3

  16. Disagree. Glass cannon is all DPS and squishy. Warrior is a tank by definition and can be a tank with max dps. Survivability is guaranteed by self heal and using abilities.

  17. Disagree all you like, but dumping all into dps based stats by definition makes your "build" a glass cannon. Just because as a Warrior your given free vitality doesn't change the fact you didn't spend a single point outside of a typical glass cannon build stats.

  18. Being a glass cannon doesn’t make Warrior frail.

  19. I didn't say it did. But tbh, nothing in this game makes you A-typically frail.

  20. The only question I can answer here for certain is the agility one. It is never worth investing into agility. Regardless if you put 10 points into it or max invest into it, the difference is virtually none

  21. BLEED & BURN work well together to make the game much harder. Then there is mods like RAD, Jsawyer, ROOG, SawyerBatty & all sorts of other mods that can increase the potential challenge of the game. Baring in mind that "challange" is subjective. Some mods making the game more punishing, others making it more tedious, others adding scripted mechanics. It depends what sort of challenge you are after.

  22. Dont know about mods. But Cass is a pretty amoral character. She wants to kill the people who betrayed her she drinks and fights all the time. I say bring the Rose with you, if you cant find anyone better.

  23. Cass is cool. But for instance lets say she was in DC with me, not sure she would agree with me nuking megaton lol xD

  24. If you're on about Tale of two Wastelands? NO please by no means do that. It should be installed to a vanilla New Vegas install.

  25. No, you need a vanilla installation. if you have so much as edited the FalloutNV.exe with the 4GB patcher then it may cause issues. What you need to do is disable all of your mods in your mod manager. Delete your fallout new vegas installation. redownload from wherever you have your game IE steam or GOG or whatever. Then in stall Tale of Two Wastelands. Then remod your game.

  26. It'll need the child race set, but I don't actually know how to fix the ending slide crashes (since the game tries to grab the player's race to play the correct slides).

  27. Cool Beans. Thanks for the info, I will just follow the guide to do that then. I had to ask was all cus I know some race mods are designed with TTW in mind & already have the relevant child race set already done.

  28. There's a link in the Viva New Vegas guide.

  29. The yellow "DarnUI" is a link.

  30. Pretty sure the backpack is a counterweight, but the way Its syled definitely feels like it was meant to be belt fed, maybe it was and they just didn't have time which honestly wouldn't surprise me.

  31. Considering the model used in New Vegas is the same as the one in FO3 though, not sure that applies. Sure Obsidian had mere months to knock out New Vegas. Bit Bethesda had years to do FO3, so shrugs. I still think a mechanical ammo box magazine backpack would look awesome. Tbh I am pretty sure you could probably just nif-bash it out on minigun parts.

  32. Remember that Bethesda didn’t developed FO1 and 2, it’s very plausible that they put the back pack after designing the magazine system because they saw that it was in previous fallout or that they knew they was a back pack but fought “unlimited” magazine ammo would have been too good and then put the magazine in the gun

  33. The thing is I actually don't think an unlimited magazine capacity would be a bad thing. If there worried about game balance, then make the gun have lower damage per bullet but an insanely high fire rate so it shreds its ammo pool really fast. I mean imo the minigun & gatling laser & in general most "big guns" should be kinda overpowered. There weight compared to there contemporaries is way higher. They could have just made them far more rare or have a higher maintenance cost, making them more of a boss killer weapon so to speak & only viable as a mainstay with great investment. But just as they did in FO4, they made them too easily obtainable & therefore having to tailor there effectiveness based upon that fact 🤔 BUT thats all just my opinion on the matter.

  34. I dunno. I love the Fallout New Vegas game loop, but I am also a big nerd of fun boss fights with mechanics in games. SO I wondered if someone had taken that idea & brought it to my favourite Fallout.

  35. by flame based weapons you mean the flamer and incinerator? they do suck for crit builds because they have no crit damage.

  36. Well by flame based yeah, flamer, cleansing flame, incinerator & heavy incinerator. Don't think any of them have critical damage multipliers. despite having a 1.75x critical chance multiplier I believe.

  37. the only common rule is that energy weapons have slightly higher crit chance in general. most weapons have the standard 1x crit chance and the crit damage same as base damage. unique weapons have the greatest diversity of crit chance and damage and they dont really follow and common rule.

  38. I think that flame based weapons are odd. From what little research I did, I think they have a fairly good critical chance, but they have no critical damage multiplier at all.

  39. Lol this genuinely made me laugh, so much so I showed my wife & it made her laugh too xD

  40. And gimme some god damn cosmetics already. I still can’t equip much besides an option or two for every vehicle

  41. I very much second this, especially want voice options, NSO is a voice gold mine, R2D2 voice pack, battle star gactica inspired voice pack, B1 Battle Droid voice pack.... the list of possibilities is endless

  42. Dervish is super strong against enemy Galaxies and Liberators, use the pixie and watch them melt, or grab the Xat and snipe armor from a mile away because no bullet drop. When its properly manned, its a beast.

  43. The Dervish is super strong against Galaxies & Libs yes, Pixies + DV-XE is killer against large aircraft. But by doing this your essentially making yourself a free cert piñata for any half way decent ESF pilot, so I would recommend you have an escort.

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