1. Lol my babe “digs” all the time esp in bed. She really thinks she’s doing something 😂

  2. Wow, didn't even think of this. There's no way she has insurance. Not sure how that worked in the 80s U.S. probably worse now I'd think.

  3. It wasn’t bad at all then. When my mom gave birth in the 80s the only bill she got was for making a phone call lol Doctors prob accepted payments in cigarettes

  4. Damn! They uglied him up in the show in an unrecognizable way. He is smoldering.

  5. He looked to much like Murray IMO but I guess that was necessary so they could switch places?

  6. I really thought they were going to get from Russia to Hawkins thru a gate or wormhole lol

  7. What about the “movies Friday” thing that Lucas did with max? GL!

  8. I loved that he cooked a fresh pizza for everyone

  9. Yeah, I was disappointed we didn't see much of the parents after the scenes at the Wheelers with the cops. I was expecting more from them.

  10. Got the first two. Work asked me to get boosted and I just submitted my original vax card. No one said a thing.

  11. Work in healthcare. Still no mandatory booster. Hoping it stays this way

  12. Yeah let me take anything this dude says seriously ..

  13. I wonder if Kim was picking up Corey from the Hamptons...

  14. The Virgara in the coffee.. the “stripper” baby sitter.. Kendall smoking a cigarette to teach Kris a lesson.. Kris taking Caitlin’s credit cards.. paris robbery .. jk

  15. I definitely do not think the Paris robbery was fake. If you don’t believe anything else believe that Kim isn’t that good of an actress to pull off the emotions she has in the episodes following

  16. Omg I was totally joking ab the robbery !!! I thought it was insane how ppl were saying that.

  17. I don't like the fact that Eleven was about to kill Martin. Sure. He tried to stop her from leaving and she defended herself but she didn't have to be that brutal with him. I don't know whether this is unpopular but I like Martin. He shouldn't have died.

  18. To me it seems like Kylie doesn’t go to places where she doesn’t have complete control and she won’t be the only/main center of attention. My impression is that her social skills is close to zero. Plus, she has two small children and I really think she likes to be with them. Kim is on another vibe now, it’s all about splurging on herself, and so are the other Kardashian sisters.

  19. Yeah it’s seems at that party you could be getting filmed at any time

  20. Idk if she is pregnant but you CAN get an endoscopy during pregnancy

  21. She wouldn’t even wear deodorant when she was breastfeeding. I can’t see her getting any anesthesia while pregnant, let alone being a high risk preg

  22. I doubt it since she just said she got an endoscopy

  23. Do you think the KJCU characters acknowledge each other when not involved in a family event or they acting like the others don’t exist like the Marvel solo movies ?

  24. Does Embiid know Kenny from when she went to Ben’s games ? 😂

  25. Ugh who is this Karen .. this vid makes zero sense

  26. I really hope this is a troll bc that’s just cruel

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