1. Apply for another job at that same company. You may be surprised. You are fairly likely to be hired for something else and then you won’t owe them anything.

  2. I did and was working with their recruiter, he then was looking for my profile. He had a hard time as he asked me to spell out last name and hasn’t called since. I’m worried of what they could have said?

  3. We are not speaking to her because of her backstabbing and talking bad about us. She talks about everyone in their family including all her siblings and mother. She’s a terrible person. There was no fight. I just went NC. I’ve known the couple for over 18 years. The job was years ago. I’ve gone back twice now. She’s my husbands sister. I was a single mom for years because her own brother my husband was incarcerated and she knows what I’ve gone through and she still did this. It’s been rough knowing her toxic ass. Now it’s “MY” fault?! No it isn’t. My question for advice is what can I do to make sure I’m clear with this huge company.

  4. You still owe it to yourself to put yourself first before whatever your family needs out of you. Stroke or not, if you're not comfortable being in the same place as your brother, it's perfectly fine if you don't go.

  5. Best comment. Ppl need to let go of the guilt trips with this “but they’re family” family doesn’t mean you accept pain over and over.

  6. Can i ask a question… I am currently as a couple days ago in 25. Appeal submitted…. I turned my application in on 08/04/21….My applocation couldn’t be anymore honest.. I have had multiple friends and aquitances that have lied and been paid no problem within a few months of submitting. It’s so frustrating to say the least! Anyways…how long were you in the 25. Appeal submitted step for?

  7. About a month and a half, but I emailed at least once a week to appeal email.

  8. The last person to tell a story- Byrdie my Goodness! Never had I heard someone blame everyone as much as they blamed the abuser! She had it out for Mom, like crazy! The dad, not one but like two lawyers! The therapist. The whatever you name it they were all too blame. Tiffany is lazy AF with this shitty content. I am sorry these things drag out and there is no like ability

  9. Fuck her and whoever she was with. That’s trash. Doing that is an asshole move and deserves no time of day or respect.

  10. She’s a crazy nasty bitch. Stay away from sick weirdos like her. She DESERVES no contact. She’s gross and sour. F her.

  11. File a police report for harassment and block him on every level. The photos will legally have to be removed.

  12. The only person that can kill Kim is Jimmy? There is no one left. She is messed up for abandoning him after pushing him to mess up the career of Howard. That would be just as bad as his death so I don’t understand her sudden departure. Quitting law, running away, it’s just strange. All of a sudden she had a conscious after being so evil towards him and knowing exactly who the cartel was.

  13. He totally dumped her. She’s rich and famous and yet so damn insecure! He sleeps with her and what’s left? She is just an empty shell of a person and he got all he wanted… men are simple. No one wants to be with someone that lives this calculated life. That is way to heavy and emotionally draining for a guy like him.

  14. Yes! He couldn’t even choke out carol Burnett! Anyone else in that world would have in a heartbeat

  15. Marry Rick Schweikart, kill Gus because he likes dick only and fuck Victor (seduce him to get to Gus

  16. I am going through something similar. It's actually been on going for 6 YEARS. My MIL and SIL feel like I keep my S/O away from them, but really he stays away on his own. I actually am the one who encourages him to visit and speak to his sisters. But they don't see it that way, they forget how ugly and abusive they were towards him when he was younger. At this point they won't take any accountability for what they've done, but instead they blame me. It's actually getting really annoying that I am considering leaving my relationship in order to protect my peace. I am at a loss on what to do. I truly believe they are both the most narcissistic people I have ever met, aside from my own mom who I CUT OFF until she learned boundaries. I can't cut off my S/O family, without them crying to him and telling him that I've always had issues with them. Keep in mind, that SIL purposely didn't invite me to her wedding because there wasn't going to be enough food. My S/O brought home 2 trays full of food after the wedding lol.

  17. Wow! I am so sorry! That bitch. Leaving people out is bulling, my SIL loves doing this but will die of someone leaves her or her daughter out. She’s so ugly and out of touch. I am glad i can hear other situations. I’m proud of my DH for standing up for us though. Her response was so defensive and desperate. It was gross.

  18. What the hell was the deal with the “roommates” sorry but that there was so stupid! As parents we back Our children not their spouses. Porn or having sex that takes 2 hours is no ONE’s business and those conversations cross lines and boundaries when shared with his parents. Plus they allowed her to stay at the home they own. There are two sides to every story and its really hard to feel for her victimization

  19. You did the right thing. It hurts and people and cliche BS makes us think its ok to sweep 🧹 under the rug. IT’S NOT! Cut ties family or not!!! All this abuse is so draining and we try to make ourselves believe it is normal. It isn’t. People hurt us over and over. These types don’t deserve a place in our lives. It has to be like this. My SIL acts this way. Its like the saying goes about asking for forgiveness after the fact. Um No thanks!!

  20. Taking Walter on as a client and introducing him to Mike

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