Breaking Bad Season 6 leaked

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  1. Just a minor correction Askin didn't use gift ball on Ichigo. He used I believe an unnamed technique that effectively AoE's poison within a certain area.

  2. I have some vague memories of that. What was the context?

  3. That's my main point for why adult toshiro would probably be able to beat her in a 1v1.

  4. Toshiro can probably freeze her mist to remove its ability to freeze lol

  5. Rose's Bankai sucks when it's explained to the opponent, it should be pretty strong otherwise

  6. Vs battles are fun, and the anime will probably change scaling a bit or clear things up so there is still discussion to be had. I would not ban them and just keep them flaired

  7. Bazz demolishes unless As goes for Tartar Foras instantly, if he does he might have a chance

  8. Pernida's Quincy Arrow demolishes Barragan

  9. Perfect, now I just hope BG9 and Robert say what their damn letters stood for

  10. Man its probably knowledge but i'm holding out Hope that its K-The Killing Machine

  11. I'm sorry but Kyoraku takes the cake for the best release command

  12. I have not seen your kind for many a moon, 20 slide name pun post

  13. This is why I said realm of possibility. It isn’t going to be easy by any means lol. This would take planning, financial investment, and a small bit of insanity. Basically it’s a mission fit for Jimmy McGill

  14. I mean how many weeks? Or will it be months? It can't be easy

  15. He was good at it too, he was... he was alive

  16. I just assumed it was purposefully ambiguous

  17. He's like the second strongest character in all of Bleach so yeah, unless Yhwach just awakens the almighty midfight like vs Ichibei

  18. How is she using Bankai and Shikai at the same time, literally unwatchable /s

  19. Bleach Anime is terrible compared to the manga, simple as that

  20. Another manga purist. Some people like animations. Get over yourself.

  21. I like animations too, in fact the new anime is looking to be the superior way to enjoy TYBW. The Bleach anime we have is just a really bad adaptation with censorship and especially with so much padding, it's hard to watch besides certain scenes.

  22. I saw Finger at a grocery store in Alberqueque yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos while he's holding okbc memes or anything.

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