1. Yo what would the Soul King even do to me, stare me to death?

  2. If i'm being honest, I can't imagine Chad ever losing

  3. It gets triggered by seeing his sword's release form or shiki, the only way to negate it is by touching the blade of the sword. Now I can't talk for the Thousand Year Blood War arch but for the whole show before that he was the main antagonist and wanted to fight the soul king. As to how they scail above Naruto, in the show and captain class soul reapers have to have restrictions put on them for when they enter the world of the living or their spiritual pressure would warp the world around them and anyone in proximity would be crushed under their spiritual pressure.

  4. Actually, no, in this form he doesn't need the enemy to see the sword

  5. Yeah, we don't know, but Pernida is not a Quincy i think, so he seems to be able to give Schrifts to other species

  6. That wouldn't take a long time, though?

  7. I mean i can't imagine that doing the whole ritual is quick, especially with Aizen not going along with it

  8. If you know Kyoraku and Ukitake's by heart I'll already be impressed

  9. I can recite them perfectly in japanese, can't write them tho lol

  10. Size of the attack doesn't matter in Bleach and Soifons Bankai severely damaged Barragan, Ulquiorra is easily going down in one hit

  11. Neither does Lanza have any real attack feats, the only thing it did was get negged by an unscaleable FH ichigo

  12. I just wanna see Gerard reviving over and over again man

  13. For some reason I always thought they “Y” guys mimicked everything about their target, including power and abilities. Like how when Kenny killed the other one he said he had to become stronger than he was when he copied him, so it was Royd just a much stronger version since the one he copied was Ywach. I’m pretty sure he just wasn’t able to copy Ywach’s full power, but copy enough that it gave him a substantial boost so it would be more like fighting the real deal. If I remember right that was how it was explained in the manga that they mimicked the person perfectly even down to reiatsu so no one could tell, but it’s been years since I’ve read it so I could be remembering wrong.

  14. Nope, Royd only copies memories, he's just very very strong

  15. Byakuya wins by the beginning, middle and end

  16. Better Call Saul lost episode creepypasta

  17. I'm whose favor? They are both pretty OP.

  18. But like, we have no clue if this is how it works 💀

  19. The characters look somewhat similiar to Ichigo, Orihime, Rukia and Ishida so this might be a Bleach reference

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