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Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

  1. I'm sorry this is on your shoulders. This is too much for the child to have on their handle. You be thinking what do I say, how do I act, what do I do with the cheating parent? None of that should be your concern, but it is cuz sadly your stuck in this situation. That's too heavy for you to have on your shoulders.

  2. thank you for replying, it helps (helped for points sake) a lot. I’l” consider this in the coming days as I comb through all my options. One of my biggest concerns though is whether this will affect my plans for college, so I’m hesitant to bring this up to either of them. the non-cheating one is smart, but is quick to anger so i don’t want things to become hostile too quickly. thanks again for the reply.

  3. Ok thank you. I’m not going to rush to action just yet as I found this out less than 6 hours ago, so I’m going to give myself time to level and understand all my options.

  4. I thought it would subvert everyone’s expectations. Turns out it’s real fun

  5. the left is definitely a good idea but seems hard to make it look natural if the player was to pivot while in the bush

  6. oh shit i have 100% i didn’t even think to deny the $2.00 deliveries. I’m definitely not doing this right

  7. I just like to meet people and make sure the order gets to the person

  8. Was fully expecting you to get domed while extracting! nice edit! Liked the looting transitions too

  9. Oh for sure. I just threw this together as a meme set, but if there's genuine interest I can look into fleshing it out. Thinking about it more, I might go look at ePBT for the set as there's more flexibility in dyesub.

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