West Ham 0 - [2] Manchester City - Erling Haaland 65'

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  1. He’s of Nigerian descent, so presumably it’s not an Italian name - would that make a difference to pronunciation?

  2. Ali Gold said he pronounces it the Italian way since he grew up there. I also watched Udinese v AC Milan and they pronounced it with a hard g.

  3. Agreed. The writing also gets impossible when the story has no containment. E.g halores should basically be omnipotent, but can get locked out of her own mind control device for some reason, she's got an invincible robot body but forgot to bring a an extra magazine for her gun (so had to use Bernard's), she can command giant mechs but doesn't bother. Etc

  4. Everyone can die and be brought back 5 minutes later, so now character deaths have no impact on the audience.

  5. Watched a highlight vid a few weeks ago. He's definitely gonna be the best LWB in the world

  6. AJ just did that move to Lashley like 30 minutes ago Lol

  7. Can't remember the last time WWE spent more than a week hyping a TV match

  8. I was gonna question whether Lashley gets into the HOF or not...but well, Sharmell is in the HOF so he clears that bar by a lightyear.

  9. 30m isn’t that much if he does well. Napoli made some money from Koulibaly and Ruiz and if they get CL again they would have that money to buy him

  10. I never get in kayfabe how the GMs get away with not booking anything for their 3 hour show

  11. I'm so confused man. Still not even sure what Hale City was and what's going on with the rest of the Planet

  12. I'm so confused man. Still not even sure what Hale City was and what's going on with the rest of the Planet

  13. Hell yeah. Rants just feeding all these one timers.

  14. This is a show where a guy wrestles with his hands in his pockets and where wrestlers obviously cooperate with each other to do moves every single night, day in day out. There's not even the illusion of athletic competition on AEW, despite that originally being how they marketed themselves.

  15. "This is a show where a guy wrestles with his hands in his pockets"

  16. Ciampa's here...Is some Rebel gonna come even the numbers???

  17. There's a whole movie about Idris Elba fighting a lion? I dig it

  18. They don't pay me enough

  19. I truly hate this showmance. It’s such teenage high school bullshit where 90% of their conversations are “you’re so hot” “do you think Taylor is prettier than me” “i don’t like it when you’re around Joseph”

  20. For real. Kyle is basically still a teenager and is just psyched to have his hands on a girl like Alyssa

  21. Kyle is the horniest BB player I've ever seen

  22. PL will release the "De Bruyne and Halaand must wear literal lead boots" patch soon enough

  23. I didn't say "having a match" I said "involved in something" as in an active story.

  24. This is the "Why didn't AEW do something with Joey Janela, Marko Stunt, and Stu Grayson instead of letting them go???" crowd you're talking to.

  25. Why do all managers wait so damn long to use subs?

  26. Sure he went down easy, but VVD tripped him up

  27. It's kinda insane that a loss here for Liverpool could have title ramifications. They only lost twice last year and still didn't win the title.

  28. The hair dryers are loving the return of Karrion Kross!!!

  29. At least Scarlett is with him this time. That will help him for sure

  30. Serie A is the second league I like to follow. Can’t say I know nearly as much about the other major leagues other than rewatching matches if it’s about a possible signing.

  31. Who are the teams or talents to keep an eye on in Serie A this season? The package I need to buy for the PL inclues Serie A, so I might as well watch some of them as well.

  32. Not that an MJF update isn’t newsworthy, but “Wrestler famous for maintaining kayfabe seemingly maintains kayfabe” sounds like a bit of a non-story all things considered.

  33. "Wondering why there hasn't been any MJF updates? It's because he hasn't said or done anything since. There's your update!"

  34. Jericho is such a damn pro. In his 50's and kept up with Yuta, made him look good, broke out some old moves, end the match with no time issues, cuts a quick and concise promo to put over next week's match.

  35. Damn I feel like I haven't seen Jericho do that backbreaker in ages

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