1. If she for real got this, hoyo legitimately could give her skill to heal enemies and people STILL would roll for her.

  2. Even without both, I'm going for her.

  3. What software are you using to monitor your pc? Doesn't look like msi afterburner.

  4. It's the built-in feature for rog phone 3. I'm not on pc.

  5. Oh I didn't notice, nice fps. Thanks.

  6. That's why I only do 1 run. I'm currently at 30* but 450 freemos is better than nothing.

  7. I wasn't aware of what was going on, but thanks. Those Transformers memes are wonderful, it has to go on.

  8. Too lazy to see if anyone else commented this, but you can also exit to the "main menu" screen and start the game again. The load will be faster if you don't close the game. That's what I do.

  9. It was added this patch. Controllers can hold the select button and it will auto add what you scroll through

  10. Ayo that's nice, thank you and the OP. I barely read patch notes, I wish they had warned new things like this with tutorials screen on the login.

  11. Now I don't regret ascending Dori to 70/80 for those wishes

  12. I have all my 51 characters at lvl80 because of wishes, but I recommend everyone to do this. It's really fun to be able to change teams and useful to testing things out sometimes.

  13. inhales uses burst (aka booba snapshot) big numbers on the screen while recharges energy of the whole team

  14. Ah é mesmo, só percebi agora.

  15. Are you kidding?? I spend all my f* 80 pulls in the Cyno's banner and lost Nilou for Candance, just to discover that I can get both dark skin waifus?

  16. And that's why I spend 80 pulls, ruined my pity with Cyno, lost Nilou and levelled Candace to 90. The Ara ara was worth it.

  17. Wtf is this order, I was like "oh beautiful manga setup (that's what I call, like setup gamer, yes), but then when I was looking at the series, I saw a lot of 15 together and the next volume of the same series bellow, man... You triggered me ngl.

  18. "Strongest character in the game? Kazuha, male."

  19. Me trying to learn kanjis be like:

  20. Real questions being asked here...

  21. Turns out Dehya's outfit is just how cheerleaders dress there.

  22. Will she be more effective cheering if I build her? I play for the waifus, but looks like the copium is hard on this one.

  23. Kiss x Sis... I miss those old days when I discovered such a weeb universe... it's been ten years ago

  24. I need a skip dialogue button. I'm tired of choosing one of the only one option available.

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