1. i was a dumbass and thought it was the real neosaber website. pretty sure i’ve been scammed. going to dispute it with the bank.

  2. Hey man, any luck? I too thought it was the real neosabers

  3. i emailed them for shipping info, and surprisingly they emailed back. the response was in all chinese however. they said i should have the saber in a few days. i’m not hopeful though. if i don’t get it by the end of the week i’m going to call my credit union and try to get the money back.

  4. I got the same response, like a week ago💀 I followed up demanding a refund; and they have not replied. I paid with Apple Pay so I may just need to fall on my sword here. They don’t have my info so I don’t think it’s worth shutting my card down and such to get the money back. Might just have to Take the L here

  5. He's gonna do it! Ohhhhh! Big impact off the top rope! And the Magma cube takes the win!

  6. Mfs be spawning in my 2 by 2 tunnel and can’t even move🥲

  7. That one dude from earlier complaining about Vader posts punching the air rn (he deleted it lol)

  8. Danggg I didn’t get to see it, probably was funny though

  9. Lol basically just said he’s seeing a lot of Vader posts lately and felt the need to remind everyone that Vader is OP and you shouldn’t feel like you’re good or special if you post a Vader highlight. I mean he’s not wrong but like….. no need to make a post about it 😂

  10. I usually main Maul, but these guys were doing some pretty hard ganging to my team who were splitting themselves up for some reason, so I switched over to Vader halfway through the game to dish out some disrespect

  11. I mean Wookiee and Trandoshians hate each other right

  12. I knew when I typed it I was gonna spell it incorrectly lmao “it was only natural”

  13. While I don’t condone the language, I’m on the side of the angry dude here, clans are so dumb Imo; I’m all for a night with the boys, but there’s like 20 people here💀

  14. I would never replace the opening theme to your 2001 Odyssey soundtrack but it does sound quite good.

  15. THIS is how we do semi good guy, honorable boba, he killed somebody bad for 3 credits, but collected payment none the less, while still being a badass

  16. I read that as "confronts the King of Dragonstone" at first🤣

  17. I mean…they did recognize Israel as a country so hopefully that’s a step in the right direction

  18. no they didnt,they already are on the right direction,Z*onist

  19. -but I’d be very happy if I received some

  20. Luke Bi/Triwalker? My dudes got some sweet arm gains

  21. I thought TFA was really good when I was like 10 years old, it was big, flashy, and just like ANH. Now I look at it from a more critical pov and see it that is was a super safe, modern adaptation of ANH, and it did it’s part to get the younger audience into watching the OT and prequels. Also rogue one is untouchable fight me on that (except for the gross boy Tarkin)

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