1. I haven't followed the story since guilds of ravnica, can someone give me a tldr about teferi's role?? Wasn't he fighting ajani in the BRO trailer?

  2. Awesome art. Do you not post on twitter?

  3. I can't believe this isn't even the best fight in the show

  4. i think the usb cable that comes with the beige zero delay boards fits as it has a 4 pin jst xh connector.

  5. I'm going to try that, let's hope it works! And ty for the responses

  6. Posted this just now in another thread.

  7. Yeah I saw this on another thread and it worked! Thankfully I got my plat trophy :)

  8. I take no credit for this, but there is a post on the Steam forums where someone says if you go into your cleared file, strip naked (remove all equipment, shards and turn off skill shards) then save the file, you can start NG+. I tried this myself and I was able to get past the point that kept crashing. I didn't play further to verify if it is a full fix though.

  9. This worked on PS4 as well! Thank you!

  10. You should check out Gundam MBON, it's a 2v2 arena fighter with a relevant competitive scene

  11. I think this may be my new favourite card

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