1. No. Of course not all are incompetant. Generalizations aren't usually totally accurate. I'm pretty sure I didnt say anything that indicated that I did think that. But thanks for making assumptions about me and then thinking you've made some valid point. Are you a public sector employee to want to protect them so much?

  2. You must be a troll. What I posted wasn't overly complicated. For most people anyway. You seem to be the only one around here having difficulty with it. You must be a public sector employee. Or at least on their level intellectually. Or you wouldnt feel such a need to attempt to defend them. Have a good day. You do you. But please stop trying to do you while involving me. And in case that is also too complicated for you, I'll say it this way. Please go away and leave me alone. Thank you in advance for your compliance.

  3. If that were entirely true they wouldnt bother with such a lengthy and well worded auto letter.

  4. I'm not a mind reader, so no I don't know what you mean. Too many people think that they can be cured of their mental illness, or can go into "recovery".

  5. Cured isn't possible with many mental illnesses, true enough. But many people do learn coping mechanisms, and with the help of medication and therapy, are able to lead a relatively happy productive life. Mental illness doesn't have to lead to a life of misery and chaos or anything. And the notion that it does creates much of the stigma that discourages sufferers from seeking help.

  6. I'm not sure you know what irony is. I'm also pretty sure you suck at identifying it. Nothing I posted was ironic. You just didn't like what I said is all. Probably because you seen the truth in it. Now go bother someone else. I am not interested in you or your attempts to make some point that isn't there.

  7. Wow. You wrote a lot that I'm not going to read. Your opinion is meaningless to me. I've already recommended that you go away and bother someone else. Block time for the tool. Good bye.

  8. What's wrong with gun smuggling? Smuggling means you're moving goods illegally. It only tells us that it's illegal not why you think it's wrong.

  9. You really should stop. You arent making a valid contribution to the conversation, and are making yourself look like a silly troll. Just saying. People have answered your dumb repetitive question. It, to a large degree, doesn't matter if you feel that there is anything wrong with taking a gun to Mexico. Or New Jersey. The law will dictate how they deal with you. Not your feels. I fully understand the idea of noncompliance with unconstitutional laws. So carry into Jersey if you want. Maybe a go fund me can be set up to help with your legal defense. In New Jersey, I'd hope you win. New Jersey is subject to the Constitution. Take your gun to Mexico, and you are on your own. There isnt a US Constitution there. I, for one, believe that gun ownership and the right to bear arms and the right to defend oneself are universal rights that all humans have. I find it sad that so many around the world have allowed their rights to be taken. But, my opinions or beliefs on it won't keep me out of prison in Mexico. It doesn't matter what the answer is to "why is it wrong". Morally it ain't. Legally it is. And it is what it is.

  10. Our rights don't come from the constitution. Our rights come from us being born as human beings.

  11. Are you commenting to me? If so, re-read my post. I did already say I thought gun rights belonged to all humans. I even said I found it sad that so many people around the world had allowed their rights to be taken away. Pretty obvious I don't think our rights are granted by the Constitution, but are supported by it. I also said our feelings and opinions on it aint gonna keep us out of a Mexican prison. Its hard to be a hero in prison.

  12. That actually makes a lot of sense, taking apart a phone at a cafe definitely sounds like something I would do, and I have a hard time holding a conversation with people I've just met because I'm a people pleaser, and I have been basing my identity on the fact that I'm an engineering major. I guess that would explain why guys don't want long term relationships with me, but it doesn't explain why guys don't even want to hookup with me.

  13. Just my 2 cents if I may? If guys don't want to hook up with you, it is most likely that you give off vibes that it would be a waste of their time to try. I'm not saying that in an insulting way. But if you appear to driven and obsessed with work and/or school, they may figure your priorities put a hookup out if the question. Many guys will bang literally anyone. So looks certainly arent it. If you are neat and clean, your appearance won't matter to most guys. Beyond the neat and clean thing, anyway. If it does matter to them, they are too shallow for you to waste your time with. After all, every long term relationship started with a first date, and for many, a first hookup. And there it may be. If a guy doesnt think he'll get a first date or a hookup, he isn't going to think a long happy life together is an option either.

  14. you were forced to lie to the police about not fucking boys in the shitter more like it

  15. Your username is wrong. Should be PsychopathicalBend750. But since this is Reddit, it's likely that one was taken already.

  16. Time zones are a thing, the more you travel around the world, the further back in time you go and vice versa. If you go around the world 360 times, you go back to the past a year.

  17. Thats not how timeszones work. You couldn't travel fast enough to outpace them.

  18. I’m not sure why someone needs life experience to have an opinion. They can demand all they want, but it won’t matter. University’s with large endowments are more dependent on them than they are students tuition. It’s cute that they think they have a say though.

  19. Having some life experience is the only way to understand the importance of it. There is a reason that so many kids grow up into their late 30's or so and then say to their parents "You were right about so many things I didn't understand back then. I wish I would have listened more. It could have saved me a lot of grief."

  20. I'm in my late 30's and I definitely think about some things differently than I did when I was 20. That said there are a lot of people my age or older who have opinions that I don't think are credible or based in reality. Age alone doesn't result in wisdom...sometimes instead of fine wine you get vinegar.

  21. Oh, you thought I meant age brought wisdom. I didn't. Not everyone develops it. But 19 yo college kids sure haven't had time to develop it.

  22. They like that huge disparity you mentioned. It is, in fact, the entire reason they pass these unconstitutional laws. If they were as easy to overturn as they were to pass, they wouldn't bother. In our current scenario, they get what they want, at least for awhile.

  23. Look at the other post you made. Post pics to prove it and you will, indeed get more views on TikTok or IG. That is if the condition is superficially visible, anyway. If its internal, then that maybe wouldn't help.

  24. I dont know why douchebags are downvoting me. I didn't say you should do that. Just that you could. Who knows. Half of Reddit is stupid. And most of the other half is dumb. It is what it is.

  25. What a liberal you are. (Not a compliment) Now how about you go away.

  26. Wow… I love how you go on insulting my powers of deduction and assumption making. Hypocritical much? It is a rhetorical question. I happen to have several truck drivers in my family and did it myself for a little while. It’s a tough and necessary profession. But since you didn’t ask; I’d love to see more trains and less long haul semi, but autonomous vehicles takes us further away from personal responsibility, and I don’t see it as a viable option in my lifetime.

  27. Well, I just point out what looks obvious to me. I got a way to fix all of this. Go pound sand. No need for you to keep arguing trying to appear smarter than you are. Good bye!

  28. I've used automatic braking in commercial vehicles for some time now. It can frequently create dangerous situations. It should not be standard equipment. It should always be an option a knowledeable buyer can choose if they want it. Judge was dumb to let that lawsuit go through. But the fact that it did sets some precedents. Dangerous precedents to be certain.

  29. In his comments, he stated “you can sue tobacco companies, you can sue alcohol companies. Why not gun manufacturers?” (paraphrased)

  30. Allowing the suing of any company for their otherwise legal product is BS. I have never blamed George Dickels when I drank too much of their whiskey. "They shouldn't have made it taste so gooood!" I didnt blame the liquor store who sold it too me either. Our society needs to start expecting and encouraging personal responsibility. They wonder why shootings happen. There are many many reasons. One of which is our society fostering the idea that no matter what I do, I can just blame someone else for it.

  31. I wasn't bashing anyone. But it is certain you were bashing the OP.

  32. Try reading before you make assumptions. They aren't talking about being trans of any sort. They are discussing a legit medical issue diagnosed after medical tests. This isnt the "I FEEL" syndrome so in the public discussion these days.

  33. There is talk that pops up periodically about doctor assisted suicide in the US. What is your take on that? Do you see refusing curative treatments/end of life comfort as the same thing, and as just a matter of degrees? You deal with people in their end of life often. You may have a better perspective on some of this than some.

  34. In many cases, hospice is a matter of degrees. Cancers, brain death, etc - ending treatments guarantee end of life, assuming the disease follows it’s expected course. Also, it’s scientifically proven that people who are already at the precipice of death are able to pass sooner and more peacefully once their pain is managed.

  35. I'm in support of it as long as doctor/family/patient decide its right. Under no circumstances should it ever be decided by an insurance company or any government medical review board or the like. And that is the fear that many opponents have. They are afraid that eventually, it will be decided for the patient, not by the patient.

  36. This just tickles me pink the firearm in question is ALREADY illegal in that state so what law were they planning on passing to ban something that is ALREADY banned

  37. They will use this to enact a total ban with mandatory confiscation. Thats their actual objective anyway.

  38. Weird! It's like people who want to ban guns are illogical and just want what they want because it's a method of control!

  39. There are many reasons to piss on fdr's grave. But that one is a good one for sure.

  40. Lots of things cause mass shootings. Poverty, drugs and gangs that spiked in the 90's make up a huge percentage of the mass shootings statistics (3 or more shot or killed). A direct result of the war on drugs while the CIA simultaneously sold crack to low income neighborhoods(that's not a conspiracy theory that is fact)

  41. The overly prescribed drugs is more likely an indication of how crappy our mental heath industry is. Mass shootings are another indicator. The drugs aren't likely causing the mass shootings. They are both symptoms of the bigger problem.

  42. Agreed. Lots of larger problems are at play and mental health is a big one that I didn't include but definitely needs discussed.

  43. It is easy to say "figure out why people want to harm other people in the first place". Much harder thing figuring that out. Even harder yet is figuring out what to do about it. I think one thing we need to do as a society is accept human nature. There have always been people in the past who thought it is ok to hurt other people. Names like Ghengis Khan, Vlad the Impaler, Adolf, Pol Pot, etc. And those are just some of the people with a known name. The gun grabbers certainly don't realize that this is probably the safest time in history to be a human. That isnt to marginalize violence. Of course there is more we can do. But "ban gun" is simply a knee jerk reaction that will have little to no effect on it anyway.

  44. Well, the number of partners is a better indicator. 100% of 2 partners isn't as impressive as 50% of 100. Also, if your partners are men, it isn't as impressive either. Most men can finish in a dirty gym sock.

  45. If you went through the program, why are you now working for the nonprofit? Did the professional development thing not pan out for you?

  46. Have you ever worked for nonprofit? I only ask because the definition is that you are making a net profit of zero dollars. As a nonprofit organization consultant prior to my current position, all the profits go to running the organization to meet the mission’s goal. Our mission is wrapped around the idea that an entry-level job within a career path should be paying you 50k plus. I’m making more than that as I am not entry level. So with the knowledge I have from consulting with other nonprofits and my own salary, I made the assumption it’s not as high as for profit.

  47. Paying a CEO a very high salary is a good way to ensure there is no profit.

  48. Just because you don't find it funny doesn't mean it isn't lol

  49. Putting lol at the end of something you post doesn't make that funny. Or true.

  50. Not reading allat, it's a fucking joke. I'm a trans man.

  51. It seems to me the problem was that live Ammo was on the set. I don’t expect actors to know enough about guns to be held responsible for this. Unless he brought the Ammo and loaded it into the gun himself, he’ll be acquitted.

  52. I expect ANYONE handling a gun to know enough about guns to be held responsible for this. Or submit to close supervision by someone who does know. He did neither. Especially a very loudly vocal anti gun hypocrit like Baldwin. He lectures and insults guns owners, then does this? Yeah....he don't get a pass.

  53. I hope Baldwin gets hit with 10 years for manslaughter and has to live with a felony gun related murder charge. Would be too good to see such a rabid anti get what they deserve

  54. His hypocrisy is my biggest issue. To go around loudly proclaiming guns should be banned, as he does, he should live his convictions and never touch them. For any reason. Instead, he is playing with one recklessly, causing a death. Something the vast majority of responsible gun owners, that he attacks and insults, would never do. And then he tried to blame someone else. If responsible gun owners did accidentally kill someone, Baldwin would never accept their excuse that "someone else gave me the gun". Of course, a responsible gun owner wouldnt make such an excuse. They'd accept responsibility for their own actions.

  55. It is really quite scary how many younger people do not understand parental dynamics. Your parents are responsible for your behavior. Sometimes criminally. Parents can be sued or even spend time in jail for what their kids do. It has happened. At least until you are an adult. In light of that fact, parents have every right to monitor your online activities, read your diary, and look for the weed in your sock drawer. None of this even mentions how much money they spend on their kids. Kids are not responsible in any way for their parents, morally or monetarily. You are wrong pretty much all of the way around here. Do not confront him. You don't even have the right to even know what you now know.

  56. Seen a trick on tiktok of looping your seat belts through the handles of the doors inside and buckling them in

  57. I drive a truck. I know of one instance where a guy couldn't get out of his burning truck, because in his panic, he couldn't get those wrapped seatbelts loose. It was dark, truck full of smoke, and he was hacking and gagging on smoke, he didn't make it out. I, myself, am much more worried about getting out in an emergency than keeping other people out. Locks only keep honest people honest. The crooks figure it out.

  58. All you people who keep saying this should understand that credit unions could, and probably will at some point, fall to the same pressures causing banks to do this stuff. There is nothing magical about being a credit union that makes it immune to modern woke agenda. Sure isn't money causing immunity when larger banks are caving to woke pressures and ideologies like they are.

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