screaming “Leave me to die with him”, Israeli forces attacking and forcibly pulling a Palestinian mother from her son's grave as she tried to prevent them from destroying the grave

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  1. Appointing Joseph will be a further step towards mediocrity so I fully expect the utterly incompetent NZ rugby union to appoint him this afternoon

  2. Man they botched the hobbits so badly in this show! Give us the predecessors to hobbits but show us where their values come from rather then a bizarre bunch of little psychos who want to steal people's wheels and leave them behind

  3. Dreadfully written character and horribly miscast actor. I thought he was a strong contender for Sauron also which shows how bad the writing was.

  4. I thought the whole thing was a 2/10. I didn't mind any of the actors though, the costume designs and the cgi were fine though the world felt a bit empty at times. It all would of worked with a great script or even a decent 8/10 script and the show would of been great. But the writing I give 0/10 and completely torpedoed everything else. But there were alot of other pieces in place to be great and will go down as a big missed opportunity for something truly special. 100% blame lands on the show runners and writers.

  5. Shek shouldn't be in the blues 22, let alone near an All Black jersey, time to return to league

  6. Crusaders with their usual cheating and dirty play combined with a weak and ineffective referee and blues bumbling conspired to give them the win

  7. Unfortunately they learned nothing from their history, and they themselves have become the monsters

  8. I think they are in a better position then Amazon, total amateur hour there, and they just aren't capable of producing this large of an ip. However what can they produce that people will actually get excited about. No one wants a trilogy remake, I don't think anyone wants a hobbit remake. Young Aragorn is about the only thing I can think of.

  9. Man when she steps on the ship, if you look up unearned scenes in the dictionary this should come up. I can't believe people directed and edited that without thinking there was a problem there. To me it feels like a combination of arrogance but also different scriptwriter and directors for each episode who don't appear to have talked to each other. This falls squarely on the lap of the showrunners.

  10. I suspect viewing numbers will fall off a cliff for season 2. The worst thing about the show was it was so forgettable, can barely describe any of the plot now, just no strong story arcs or memorable stand out moments

  11. The writing was the biggest issue, just dreadful and the blame lies squarely on the showrunners for a complete lack of direction. Speaking of direction some of it was dreadfully bad, I think they should hire the best directors for the job who are passionate about Tolkien then hiring to filful a woke quota. Feel sorry for the actors, but you can't turn chicken shit on the page into chicken salad

  12. As bad as RoP was, this would be on a whole new level. How could you improve the original, even special effects its hard to see how they could do them better that added anything that wasn't in the original trilogy.

  13. Unless they can recover some of the rights money probably they will see it through, but I imagine they will gut the budget from the show especially cgi and hopefully put more oversight on the showrunners which is sorely needed. But to be honest they seem to cement themselves as a real second tier studio compared to Netflix and others

  14. Good to see Indias dirty tricks blow up in their face, hopefully prepare a decent pitch next time

  15. No way England can win from here, great victory from New Zealand following on, will go down in history

  16. Let's face it, human beings are selfish and the government is controlled by business lobbyists, we are royally f*cked, may as well make the most of it

  17. I put it because my religion is none of the governments business. Also for the racially charged question around ethnicity I choose other and write 'New Zealander'

  18. This clown screwing over the least fortunate members of society as usual

  19. Unfortunately they flushed their reputation down the toilet over covid, and the long term damage to their brand is immense

  20. Luxon is finished anyway, seems to have gone AWOL and been totally outclassed by Hipkins. I think he thought he was just cruising to an easy election win.

  21. While impressive the AI is showing an incredible ability to learn on its own, and we don't really understand fully how it works and learns. Anyone who thinks it is just regurgitating Google searches doesn't have a clue. As Musk said one of the biggest threats facing us as a species.

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